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Looking for a CCH iFirm Software alternative? In this article, we’ll cover the features and potential alternatives for firms and accountants looking
CCH iFirm


When looking for a CCH iFirm alternative for your accounting firm or practice, it’s important to list your “must have” features .
For example, do you need to set up custom recurrences? Have a master client list? Track and manage team capacity? Add templates, one-off jobs, as well as recurring client work?
In order to find the best application for your firm, it’s critical to list out the “core” features you need to regain control and transparency over your client work.


Next is what we call the overall “design” of the application, also known as “usability”. This is critical because not only do you have to set up and use the application, but you’ll probably be adding team members, which in turn will have to learn how to use the software! Therefore, it’s critically important to think through the adoption and adoption rate at which your team can get up and running. This can also feed into “team support and training”, but if the product is not user-friendly, no amount of training will convince employees to use the software if they find it cumbersome. If they will use it in the short run, only to abandon it within week or months of implementation.


With any workflow application, whether it’s CCH iFirm’s or others, it’s good to get an understanding of how long the setup process will take. Do they provide setup services? Setup training? Client and job importing services? Are they free? If not, what is the price? Is it a one time fee or recurring? It’s important to understand the setup required before launching a new software application.


Finally, what does their ongoing support services look like? How can you connect with the company for questions or feedback. Bare in mind that support also increases team adoption, so you want to work with a company that is a good fit for your firm and team.
Whether you move forward with CCH iFirm, or a CCH iFirm alternative, it’s important to test out the product and connect with their team to understand implementation.

Ongoing improvements 

Like many applications and software companies, there should be an ongoing list of feature improvements that the company has in mind. When discussing the product and the application, it’s critical to learn more about the product roadmap, and make sure their product aligns with the need of your firm. Some companies are advanced user groups to contribute feedback, and others pull from their entire customer base. Either way, it’s important to learn more about the product, vision, and company roadmap.

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