As you rake in the successful clients, dreams of expanding the business fill your head and you’ll seriously consider opening up more firms in new locations. The major concern when attempting to expand in this manner is ensuring that all of your clients (new and old) receive the standard of service they expect, or better.

Client management software for accountants helps you keep all client lists in order so that when you open your next firm, the new people that work there with you and the clients that decide to use the new branch are all brought up to speed swiftly and accurately. You’ll be able to retain the trust of all your clients and give new clients a reason to come back.

Make Your Move in a Timely Manner

A lot goes into opening up a new firm that links with your existing business. You already have an established name, credibility, and a decent client list. Use client management software for accountants to move the necessary clients to the new firm in a timely manner.

This ensures that nobody falls through the cracks or gets stuck between the linked firms you’re operating. Some clients may feel insecure about moving to a new building, even if it’s more convenient for them and if you take too much time to get things in order, those insecurities can grow.

Effective Marketing

Get your new firm on the map from the start by using your client list to help you execute effective marketing. E-mail blasts and one on one calling might seem like outdated methods but they’re actually considered personalized in a world where technology has taken the personal out of a lot of communication. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort.

Speaking of one-on-one communication, you can use social media to market your new firm successfully with similar techniques. Instead of calling clients, you’ll use tags, comments, and other interactions to make communications more personal and make clients feel special. They’ll all be happy to spread the word about their good experiences and tell their friends about your new branch.

Assign Accountants

A new branch of your firm means new staff members and some of them will be assigned to existing clients. The information in your client management software for accountants makes it easy to assign the right accountant to each client. The relationships can transition seamlessly and the clients will remain happy.

Different clients have different needs and some accountants will be able to meet those needs better than others. Use universal information organized over the platforms that work with multiple firms to match up clients that have specific needs with accountants that have corresponding talents.

Training and Development

The right software allows your firm to train new clients for the next branch you want to open faster than by doing things through seminars and training classes alone. Teach them the client management software for accountants and you’ll be able to show them everything about how your firm handles its clients. The information will all be right their at their fingertips and if they’re missing information, new accountants can easily communicate with veterans of the company to learn what they need.

Utilize Different Platforms

Working across multiple branches of your firm as your business expands is much easier when the work can be done remotely. As a manager or high-level accountant, you can go between the different branches without missing a beat. A software upgrade allows you link the different platforms across firms so that accountants and managers can communicate and share information effectively.

Follow Through
Once the new branch of your firm is set up, don’t forget about the business that already exists. Use your client management software for accountants to keep the goodwill with old clients you’ve already built and add bricks to the foundation of your new client base. Pool together all of the above techniques and set reminders and tasks for the people that work in each branch of your firm. Give the accountants that work with and for you the tools to work together and make the new parts of the firm as great as the rest of it has always been.

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