Communication is what makes you sure that your clients are getting what they need and that their expectations are exceeded. The lines of communication between you, your clients, and the accountants in your firm should be open and strong at all times in order to maintain effective CRM for accountants. Learn how you can strengthen the lines of communication among the colleagues and clients within your operation in order to improve client satisfaction and bring in new business.

Fill in the Spaces

Take a look at the way you currently communicate with your clients and colleagues. Recognize where the broken parts are in these lines and note them so that you can begin to fill in the spaces and repair what’s not working.

CRM for accountants is all about the relationships you maintain with your clients but these aren’t the only relationships that need to be managed within your firm. When communication is effective among your colleagues as well, everyone is on the same page. This provides a better way to service every client and keep new business after the first meeting.

Start a Conversation

Your long-time clients are used to a certain standard of service, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do more for them. Start a conversation with your loyal clients about what they wish they could get from their accountants. Compile a list of the common desires and bring it to your colleagues.

Start a conversation with them about how everyone can make your clients’ wishes happen. Those long-time clients will be ecstatic about the new things you can do for them, which in turn gives them more reasons to rave about your services to those they know and bring you more business.

One-On-One Client Management

CRM for accountants is not just about managing several client relationships within your firm but also about the one-on-one relationships between each accountant and their individual clients. This is something you can keep of track of with the right client management software that lets you input client information and view it quickly. You’ll be able to keep up to date with each client and the accountant assigned to them without dealing with searching for extra documents by hand.

This saves time and allows everyone involved to be in the know so that if the accountant assigned can’t make a meeting for some reason, someone else can take over and still deliver the service expected by the client.

Manage Clients Across Multiple Firms

As your business grows, you’ll have more firms to manage and possibly across state lines or vast distances. Some of these clients will need to travel or may have requirements that call for the assistance of more than one accountant at different firms depending on where they happen to be. CRM for accountants and good communication between firms among your clients and colleagues allows that client to receive consistent service no matter which firm they go to for their needs.

With strong and open lines of communication, one accountant at a firm in a certain state can send the correct information to another accountant at a different firm and provide the necessary tools for the task at hand. Clients will never again have to worry if they’ll be taken care of correctly in an accounting emergency, if they move to another location, or if they’re traveling when they need an accountant.

Bring in New Business

Your firm flourishes when new clients come in and decide to keep coming back but this takes work and CRM for accountants is a large part of that. Each new client that an accountant from your firm brings in is a new relationship that must be properly and effectively maintained.

Managing these relationships should be a team effort that involves colleagues backing each other up in order to keep the client coming back. Good communication is the way this happens, which gives each accountant the tools to wow the client every time. Let your colleagues have what they need to help each other, help your clients, and do better with the right methods of communication and client relationship management.


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