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You may already have an accountant or you may be looking for one and either way the process can be confusing. How do you know who to choose? How do you know if the accountant you’re already going to is really getting the best work done? A firm that uses accounting practice software that keeps things organized and keeps your accountant completely on point is one that will never drop the ball on what you need.

Business or Personal?

What exactly do you need an accountant for? The needs of a business will be a lot different than the needs of one personal account. Discover what you’re looking to get out of your accounting firm and find out if they can meet (or exceed!) your expectations according to your list.

The personal account of one single person who has a regular job with a scheduled paycheck often only needs an accountant to help them do their taxes. If you’re only seeing your accountant a couple of times a year, you want to make sure they’ll always be able to remember the details of your account, even after a very long time apart.

A household account may need a little more attention than that of a single person. There is usually more than one stream of income coming in and sometimes one of those streams is an independent income, which requires some more work come tax time.
Small businesses need to file taxes every quarter, not once a year and there are also many other services an accountant can assist with. You’ll need more attention and a closer relationship with your accounting firm and so you’ll want to be sure that the accountants there are people who will work for you whenever you need them.

Large or corporate businesses often need the most attention from their accounting firm and several accountants are assisting with your business from the day to day work to the bigger things. You’ll want to know that everyone involved is on the same page, that they know what has happened in every meeting whether they were present or not.

Accounting practice software can get you all of the things on your list and help you feel confident with the firm you’ve chosen or switched to. When your interviewing accountants, ask them about their organizational system and if they use software to keep everyone communicating well and make sure your account stays organized.

The Other Side

On the side of the accountants, think about what your clients want and need as well as if your accounting practice software will be able to meet them.

How are you organizing your business now and can accounting practice software make your process easier? If you’re still using paper files and you have an entire room full of filing cabinets, you need to upgrade. The right software will keep all of these files correctly in place.

As your firm grows, you’ll have more clients with more demanding needs and staying organized will be even more important. Keep track of each new account however big or small they may be so that they will always feel like they’re the VIP every time they come into your office.

The loyal clients that have been with you for many years will see an increase in the level of service you’ll be able to deliver. They’ll notice when you get organized and are able to keep in touch with them better and pay closer attention to all aspects of their business.

A Partnership

Choosing your accountant is an important business partnership between you and the person who is handling your money. You need to be able to trust the people on your account and know for sure that they’re the best people to keep your business in order. A firm that uses accounting practice software can help you see that the accountants working for you are smart, organized, and trustworthy. They’ll easily be able to communicate with you and each other well and always ensure that your accounting matters are handled with the greatest of care.

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