Due Date Tracking Software For Accounting

Finding the right Engagement Management Software can be challenging, so in this post we're going to cover important questions when researching a software that is a good fit for your firm or practice.

Questions to think about when selecting engagement management software

When you're beginning your search for the right engagement management software, it's important to think through the following questions:
  1. Who is responsible for the research (typically an individual that does preliminary research is better than a team doing preliminary research)
  2. Is there a timeframe/budget you have in mind?
  3. How has tech adoption worked in the past? What hurdles came up that you should ask the new vendor about?
  4. Does the feature set match your end desired outcome?
  5. What does their ongoing support structure look like?
Once you define and answer the core questions around engagement management software, then next step is reviewing application.

Introduction into Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is an engagement management application and software for firm owners that want an easy to use solution, that can be setup quickly, have staff onboard fast, while having a robust feature setup. Jetpack Workflow comes with:
  • Recurring client management
  • Team and firm budget hours and capacity management
  • Client profile and client database management
  • Unlimited clients, notes, tasks, and jobs with each login
  • Full email and workflow template library
  • Profitability, timesheet, and client reports
  • Complimentary workflow optimization services
Want to book a 1-1 demo ? Click here to view our calendar Recurring client management Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.35.53 AM Jetpack Workflow helps owners and team members tracking recurring (and 1 off) client work without letting tasks, notes, or due date fall through the cracks. From the main work screen, you can create multiple reports or work views from the "Jobs view". For example, in seconds, you can run a report that shows ... "Show me everything due this week, organized by due date, then sorted by team, that hasn't been started." The custom views will ensure that neither you nor your team miss the critical client work they need to complete. Team management Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.37.17 AM   Manage and track team capacity, so as new work comes in, you'll know exactly who is over or under capacity using the dashboard, calendar, or work view. Client profiles Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.42.35 AM Quickly onboard new clients quickly, add notes and client data within seconds, and have a central client database for all your client information. Email and workflow template library Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.56.51 AM Need help getting your processes setup? Check out our workflow library (over 35+ workflow templates) and add them to your account (for free). Profitability, timesheet, and client reports Need to run time sheets, client reports, profitability reports? You can instantly download reports to track the critical metrics of your team, clients, a firm. Jetpack Workflow is the Engagement Management Software for accountants that securely brings all the information of your firm at your fingertips. All accounts start with a full, 14 Day trial.

To learn more, start your free trial here (or book a 1-1 demo here)


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