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In today’s Growing Your Firm Podcast, founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow David Cristello introduces Shanita Jones–the CEO of Jones Tax and Financial Services. She recently achieved the Two Comma Club Award (reaching seven figures in her business). Shanita talks about how she found her niche and her style in marketing. Over the years, she gathered inspiration for the practices she performs now. After reading, you will, too!


Meet Shanita Jones


Shanita Jones is a co-owner of a childcare business and a CPA in the childcare industry. Her main goal is to help childcare business owners overcome their struggles in the industry. Other than focusing on childcare, Shanita also loves copy. She assists others with mastering their copy and messaging styles. Besides work, Shanita is a big reader and learner. 


Choosing a Niche


Shanita likes to say that she didn’t choose the childcare industry–the childcare industry chose her. After joining a marketing program, she figured she needed to zero in on one group of people. However, she was nervous that, by only serving one group of people, she would miss out on other opportunities. 


Shanita decided to do an exercise to help her find her target audience. She listed all of her ideal clients–the people she would enjoy working with. All listed ideal clients had one thing in common: they were all childcare business owners. 


How did Shanita come to like the childcare business industry? It all goes back to her family. Her aunt is a daycare owner, and she was also her first educator. Her aunt got into a tax situation with the city she was working. Her aunt’s accountant didn’t have knowledge of that area. Shanita’s aunt asked her for help. Because she was able to successfully help her, Shanita earned the nickname, “Daycare Tax Lady.” Through word of mouth, Shanita grew her business and found her niche


Shanita started in marketing and service-based businesses. To fulfill her new work in the childcare business industry, Shanita:


  • Slowly began tweaking her methods
  • She formed a Facebook group for business owners, childcare groups, and accountants
  • Talked to people and asked them questions
  • Started conversations about her niche
  • Learned more about her niche through research and conversations
  • Added new methods


As she worked on herself and her business, Shanita became more comfortable with how her work was going.




Shanita achieved the Two Comma Club Award–an award that the software, ClickFunnels, gives out to anyone who is able to sell one million dollars in revenue. Funnels are a series of web pages that allow you to:


  • Bring in a larger audience to your space
  • Narrow your audience
  • Find your ideal clients.


If you think about the shape of the funnel, you want to imagine that you’re bringing in a large group of people. Little by little, the group gets smaller and smaller as the funnel closes. In the end, you want to see your ideal clients drip out of that funnel and into your workplace. Funnels enable you to cast a wide net for prospective clients and reel them closer to what you are looking for


If you’re selling to everybody, you’re selling to nobody. You don’t want to build a wide funnel. Shanita built a wide funnel and was not entirely successful. She had a little bit of success but not as much when she became more focused. 


The sole purpose of the Two Comma Club is that they collect leads. Shanita collected leads for her business. She reached out to childcare business owners and offered them a free gift that could solve some of their problems. From there, she could give these business owners a land-in page where they could add their email. Then, Shanita could add their email to an email list. 


Shanita has many ways of connecting with people:


  • If someone needs help, she directs them to either her Facebook group or a discovery call
  • Sends emails
  • Invites them to an online lab training(s)


After a period of time, she’ll move people to a different email sequence. If they don’t want to stay, she’ll remove them from the email list. However if they want to stay, Shanita stays connected. 


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As stated earlier, Shanita loves copy. Copy is all the words that you’re writing in a messaging platform, like email. Yet, copy isn’t just eBooks or emails. LinkedIn bios and social media posts are also examples of copy. 


Shanita understands that writing copy gets difficult. She advises that, if you write what you think and feel the words you write, you will have an easier time grasping your writing. To Shanita, copy is where you’re always trying to communicate to your ideal target audience. You want to clearly identify your message. She developed an acronym for copy:


  • C – Clear
  • O – Outgoing
  • P – Positioning 
  • Y – Your Message or Offer


To overcome the blank-page anxiety syndrome, Shanita had to channel her own techniques and get help from a mentor. She learned her mentor’s ways, but she didn’t use any of them. Instead, she got inspiration from her mentor’s content and material. Shanita also bettered herself and her copy by reading a lot of books. She read what people read–like their posts and their comments. Although copy is a whole lot of writing, reading is also a big portion. Researching through reading became a beneficial practice for Shanita. 




Shanita is relaunching Childcare Accounting as well as Business Academy for Childcare CEOs. These two platforms aim to make sellable financial business strategies.


She is also launching Accountant Unletter. You can find more information about this platform through her Facebook/Facebook group.


Shanita’s Book Recommendations



Shanita encourages that, if you wish to reach out to her, find her on her Facebook. Join Accountants Unletter, her Facebook community, and/or send her a friend request.


From finding her niche to mastering copy, Shanita’s journey does not stop growing. With her target audience in mind and her marketing funnels working, Shanita is ready for anything–and so are you!


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