How to create a high performance process for accounting services


Speaker 1: How are you constructing the process so you know it’s going to be quality? Do you still have a feedback loop? How do you build out this factory for delivering valuation services in that context?

Speaker 2: Yes, in this case, it is an ongoing process, even in the bookkeeping realm. Figuring out what the processes are, optimizing those processes is an ongoing work for us as a firm. In the valuation space, it’s less … These are larger projects than, let’s call it a monthly, after the fact, bookkeeping client that’s $1,500 a month. These are more project based. It’s project management. I’d say, it’s less about the processes. It’s more about the infrastructure and the capabilities to roll this out. It does take a project manager to make sure that things are delivered on time for these key clients.

peaker 3: Having that continuous improvement mindset across profit centers is key. We have been using Jet Pack for, you could probably tell me than I could, as far as how long we’ve been using Jet Pack. I as just doing work on it today to optimize the use of the tool and make sure that people are using it correctly. Going back to your factory, it’s all about training. You have to continually train people. New people, people who have been with the firm for 15 years. How to use the tools. How to use the new tools. How to read things. It’s a continuous improvement mindset

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