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There are many times that office memos and other types of communication can become lost within the intra-office system of e-mails and notes that don’t get opened or are misunderstood.

Good communication is especially important during the busy tax season for accounting firms and tax workflow software can promote efficiency and improve communication to help make communication happen with better precision and a lot less misunderstanding. Never again will your words or the notes of other accountants become lost in the mass of memos that accumulates in your inbox.

The Importance of Good Communication
When you send a memo through your regular e-mail system at work, it’s often difficult to track and to talk to specific people one on one after the memo is distributed. The accountants in your firm may need to know things about certain clients or changes in office procedure.

Tax workflow software allows you to add notes to client files that everyone can see prior to dealing with said client. If you have high profile accounts during tax season, everyone in your firm will be able to assist efficiently.

Check your accountants’ work using your software and ensure that reminders are met promptly and all clients’ needs are met to their specifications.

Communicating well allows an open forum where accountants can talk to you and each other about client issues or technical help needed to use the tax workflow software during the busiest time of year.

When there are no snags in the system, everything within your accounting firm runs more efficiently, making both clients and employees feel good about how things happen and the progress they achieve.

Training Employees On New Software

You can use good communication skills to help ensure that the accountants in your firm learn the tax workflow software that you install. Without proper training, your new tax workflow software won’t work well or solve any efficiency or communication issues within your firm. Make sure that your accountants know how to use the different functions and provide the technical help they’ll need after initial release of the software.

Hold a seminar to teach the most amount of people at once and allow employees to ask questions about what they learned and how to use the new software.

Instill an open door policy for technological help during the transition period to use new software most efficiently. Provide one on one help that gives everyone the chance to succeed.

Give your most trusted long time clients top priority and ask them how they’re enjoying the way things work in your new system. Give them surveys or questionnaires if they’re agreeable that will track their satisfaction and let you know of any improvements that could be made.

Reward employees for communicating well and using the new system in the way it’s meant to be used. Give them reasons to want to communicate with you, your clients, and each other.

When several new clients come in and business is flourishing, good communication is key to making sure things run as efficiently as you hope they will. Allowing your clients as well as the accountants in your firm to communicate with you openly, you give them a platform to relieve stress constructively and this promotes good morale within the office. Communicating well with clients in a period of transition is just as important as communicating with your employees. Without them, your business wouldn’t run at all.

Follow Through

During the busy tax season, it may not seem ideal to introduce new tax workflow software but that’s exactly when the time is right. Introducing a more efficient way to go about managing clients and communicating with them and each other can cut through the chaos of a very busy time during the year.

Tax workflow software gives you the platform to make communication easier and the opportunity to improve morale in the office and with your clients, which makes that busiest time of the year a lot less stressful. Learn about your options and which functions within your new tax workflow software will work best for your firm.

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