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Meet Pat Palmer: the owner of Palmer’s Accounting & Tax Services (PATS). Pat was running a one-woman show until a couple of years ago when she brought on her first employee.

The Challenge: Providing free work because of unorganized tracking

Before using Jetpack Workflow, she bounced around from software to software trying to find one that would work best for her business. 

She landed on a tool for software programmers but it was missing key features. This meant she was also relying on spreadsheets. As a result, Pat spent an hour and a half each day organizing what she needed to do and when. 

She was stressed, underproductive, providing work for free, and tasks were falling through the cracks.  

The Solution: Jetpack Workflow organized her work 

Pat realized she was giving away work. However, by using the built-in timer in Jetpack Workflow, she stated the timer immediately after beginning a project, would  pause it as needed, and start it again later. This feature allowed her to start capturing her time more consistently resulting in accurate client invoicing, and no more giving away work for free.

Pat adopted Jetpack Workflow in a seamless fashion. She loves working with the team and praises the short learning curve for the tool. 

With Jetpack Workflow’s reminders, Pat no longer has to sift through spreadsheets to know what needs to be done.

“I don’t even think about what I need to do anymore, I know Jetpack Workflow is going to tell me.”

Results to Date: 

Jetpack Workflow’s tool kept her organized and allowed her to properly track her hours resulting “in an increased revenue of 30%.” 

Pat was also able to seamlessly bring on a new employee. Tasks were easily transferred and they use the notes feature in Jetpack Workflow to communicate. With the help of Jetpack Workflow, Pat “felt confident in being able to manage her.”

Here’s what Pat would say to someone interested in Jetpack WorkFlow: “Setup is very easy, which was a big obstacle for me. If you’re already overwhelmed with work, how are you going to find the time to set up a new software? But set up was very easy. I was able to transfer my client base over from QuickBooks. That was done immediately. Jetpack Workflow comes with template. You can start with the templates to set up your jobs. I’ve started with the templates Jetpack provides. As I worked with the templates, I tweaked and edited them. Now, I’ve got a beautiful, step-by-step outline of what has to be done for this job.”

Whether you’re a one-person army or a growing team, Jetpack Workflow has you covered. We keep you focused on the tasks ahead, ensuring no deadlines fall through the cracks so you can scale your firm with ease.

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