Hey Folks!

Each month we are going to be bringing you a round-up of all things Jetpack, so check here for updates.

It was a rainy month here in Pittsburgh in May, but the sunshine of June is just around the corner.

May is also the month we do our Jetpack Company Cook Out! I may be biased (because I was grilling the steaks), but a good time was had by all.
On to the real meat of today’s post: Features, Fixes, and Forecast.


Here’s some of the long term stuff we’ve been working on and finished this month:

  • One way email integration in Outlook
  • One way email integration in Gmail
  • Intercom for chat

A new Knowledge base

Check it out here!

Archives now display users who have been deleted when you hover over the task box

User messages can be more targeted to specific situations within the application to help us help you!


There were a few unexpected items that we wanted to address right away:

– Fixed an issue that prevented some client uploads from working
– Updated the jobs tab so that it will no longer automatically search when you click out of the search bar
– Made some small improvements to the UI



And these are a few things that we’re working on now, and should be releasing soon-ish.  We can’t say when though!
Assign to client

Yes. You will be able to assign tasks to your clients and eventually automatically follow up with your clients to make sure they do the task assigned.

Updates to the client profile screen

We’re redesigning the whole site. You’re going to see some really sleek and cool changes soon, starting with the client profile!

Ok, that’s our roundup for May. As always folks, we are here for you. If you need help, just reach out!
Your success is our success and we need your help to help make you more successful.
Email us at support@jetpackworkflow.com or call 888 445 3735 XT 700

Happy June!

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