A favorite feature in Jetpack Workflow is the label maker, which now lets you create 100 different labels with custom colors to use on jobs your team works on every day. This is perfect for accounting firm owners who need to manage their team and their clients on the fly.

Our Customers Saw the News Early

In the midst of tax seasons 1.0 and 2.0 of 2021, we quietly released this feature, and here’s what our customers have done with it so far:

  • Most labels used by one firm: 70
  • Total unique number of colors used: 761
  • Most popular color: black (hex code #000000)
  • Runner-up for most popular color : a soft light purple (hex code #8684d9)

ICYMI: Release Webinar Recap

Curious about what our CEO and Founder had to say about the update? Check out the full webinar recap from David below.

What’s New With Labels?

100 Unique Labels for Your Team

All of your clients have different needs. Each job you assign to your team has its own unique needs too. That’s why we made sure you can have up to 100 labels to apply to each job within Jetpack Workflow.


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Once you’ve created up to 100 labels in your account settings, you can use up to 7 distinct labels from this list, for each job. Say goodbye to explaining to your team what each label means in different circumstances. Instead, you get the labels you need to organize your jobs and clients how you want!


Color-Choosing for Each Label

The color options are endless! You can even enter exact hex codes to make it look like part of your company’s branding (or your clients’ branding).

All these colors will not only make your work more organized but also easier on your eyes when scrolling through long lists of jobs inside Jetpack Workflow, but our task management system is built into every account to help you stay focused on what really matters: running the accounting firm of your dreams.

Randomize Your Color Choice

Don’t have colors you’re partial to? Or maybe you’ve already used all of the brand colors on your labels and you need more to choose from.

Use the color randomizer, and a new color will be generated for your label- as many times as you’d like to refresh it!

How Many Labels Will You Create?

All of these updates are part of our commitment to helping you run your business better than ever before. We’re always working hard behind the scenes so you can focus on running your company without worrying about all the little things.

Haven’t joined in on the fun yet? Start your free trial today, and see how labels help you to keep all of your jobs, clients, and staff organized in just a few simple clicks.

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