New Feature: Turn any email into a job

I wanted to send over a quick note to let you know about the latest feature inside of Jetpack Workflow ... Turn any email into a job! Now you can forward (or simply email) anything into Jetpack. When you send something to, it will
  • Turn the email subject line into a job name
  • Pull in the email content into the description
  • Whoever forwards the email in is the default assignee, the "due date" is always the date you forward it in (so you remember to either do it, or give it a proper due date)
You can watch the feature preview below The forwarding address is *Note: You must use the email address associated with your Jetpack Workflow account. You cannot forward messages with a document / pull in documents via email. This is schedule in our next update in regards to this feature!

Want to test it out?

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