Building your client base is an important part of building your business and one of the best ways to do this is by taking on larger accounts like corporations or large companies. In order to do this, you’ll need the right project management software for accountants to keep everyone in your firm on the same page and working toward common goals.

When it comes to larger accounts, communication is more important than ever and you’ll need to make sure that the accountants working with these big clients always have access to the information they need. This will help everyone service the clients to their satisfaction and open the door to more clients of that caliber coming into your firm.

Building B2B Relationships

If your firm is small, it’s a good idea to build relationships with other accounting firms and B2B clients that work with your competition set instead of against you. This means that you’ll have to do a bit of research into what’s around you and the kinds of businesses that can compliment yours.

For instance, if several of your clients are focused mostly on coming to you for their taxes and there is a law firm nearby that specializes in tax law, you can team up and use your combined skills to bring in larger clients. They’ll be impressed that you have resources that are valuable to their business and that they can come to one area for two kinds of services.

Use project management software for accountants to keep track of the projects that rely on these types of B2B relationships. Include pertinent information about the partnering business and how they work with your firm to service specific clients. This keeps everyone in the loop and lets you keep building B2B relationships effectively.

Developing New Clients

Bringing in new clients is the key to building your firm and project management software for accountants allows the people that work with you to develop each new client into a valuable asset for the firm. Use the tools that come with the software to set reminders about keeping in touch with new clients, including them in social media contact, and making sure that they feel good about their choice to stay loyal to your firm. Developing clients in this way is a good strategy for word of mouth advertisement.

Happy clients tell people about their experiences and that brings in more new business. These relationships are important because they can lead to bigger clients and exponential growth.

Small Business, Big Leagues
Just because you have a small firm doesn’t mean you can’t play in the major leagues and land big clients. You might believe that you’re not in the running for corporate business or large accounts but that’s not true. Simply having the confidence to ask for the business at all is an important step and using project management software for accountants to track the progress of each potential client can help your firm stay in the running after the initial interest is grasped.

As discussed above, B2B relationships can also play a key role in landing these large accounts. Keeping a good repertoire with the businesses around you helps them want to give you leads for new clients. Maintaining these relationships can give you an inside track on what’s coming in your industry and how your firm can be on it from the beginning.

Maintain Growing Client Lists
Project management software for accountants has excellent tools to bring in larger accounts but new business doesn’t end when the contract is signed. The accountants in your firm need to keep developing new clients and maintaining B2B relationships in order to retain the large accounts. Those clients will want to know that they’ll always receive expert service and the best way to show them that they can rely on your loyalty is to build relationships and maintain each client.

As your business grows, this is one thing that should never fall through the cracks. Use the tools in your new software to track these relationships; set reminders and keep your client lists growing. Before you know it, you’ll be landing clients you never imagined your firm could get and the accountants in your firm will have the right tools to keep those clients.

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