In this episode of the Growing Your Firm podcast, host David Cristello interviews Stephanie Mack, the founder of Account Mobility, a fully remote accounting practice. Stephanie shares her insights on how she’s positioning her practice for growth, particularly in the area of tax advisory and tax prep. 

She discusses the importance of workflow automation and software in streamlining accounting processes and talks about the increasing number of CPAs and EAs retiring, creating opportunities for her practice. Tune in to learn more about Stephanie’s unique approach to growth and her perspective on the future of the accounting industry.

What you’ll learn

What can you expect to learn in this episode with Stephanie Mack? You will learn about 


      • The benefits of accounting workflow automation

      • Challenges of transitioning to digital processes

      • Downsizing challenges for CPA firms

      • The use of tax advisory software

      • The importance of proactive tax advisory

      • Subscription-based model for tax preparation services

      • Challenges faced by small businesses when CPAs retire

      • The importance of adopting new technology

      • Maximizing returns for accounting firms and CPAs.

    Guest Bio

    Stephanie Mack is the founder and owner of Account Mobility, a fully remote accounting practice based in Vermont. 

    With over eight years of experience, Stephanie started out with bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, and conversions before expanding her services to include tax advisory and tax prep. She has positioned her practice for growth by transitioning to business clients and leveraging software for efficient tax advisory. 

    Stephanie’s unique approach includes implementing automation and subscription-based pricing models. She is also known for her expertise in the trend of CPA firms outsourcing bookkeeping services. Stephanie believes in the power of sharing ideas and collaborating with fellow firm owners to drive innovation in the accounting industry.

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    Detailed Synopsis

    Stephanie Mack is the founder of Account Mobility, a fully remote accounting practice. With a focus on bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, and conversions, Stephanie started the practice eight years ago. 

    However, recognizing the changing landscape of the accounting industry, she expanded her services to include tax advisory and tax preparation in the past two years. This strategic decision was driven by the upcoming retirement of many CPAs and EAs, presenting a significant growth opportunity.

    Despite operating remotely, Stephanie has successfully navigated the accounting ecosystem and developed a unique model for growth. To connect with her, individuals can visit the Account Mobility Facebook business page or reach out via email at stephanie@AccountMobility.com

    Our discussion covered quite a bit in the half hour episode, but you won’t want to miss this episode. Check out the timestamp below for important topics discussed. 


    [00:01:55] CPAs retiring and aging out.

    [00:04:31] Transitioning to business clients.

    [00:10:32] Team structure is unique.

    [00:13:30] Subscription-based pricing model.

    [00:17:30] Transitioning clients to the new pricing model.

    [00:19:10] Price resistance and client transition.

    [00:22:33] Maximizing returns for accounting firms.

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