In this episode of Growing Your Firm, host  David Cristello interviews Lisa Wolfson-Jones, owner and CPA at Mac-L Associates. Lisa shares the benefits of having client information ahead of meetings and how it helps create more effective discussions.

They also discuss running a virtual firm and serving small businesses, particularly sole proprietors and entrepreneurs.

Lisa launched Mac-L Associates in 2010, and they provide accounting services for small businesses and individuals. Tune in to learn more about Lisa’s journey and insights for growing a successful accounting firm.

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What you’ll learn

This episode is chock full of insights, you will learn about


    • The benefits of preparing and sending preliminary information to clients before meetings.
    • Transitioning from a traditional accounting firm to a remote firm.
    • All the challenges and improvements in the process of having clients send their documents for tax preparation.
    • The impact of COVID-19 on the business and how it changed how the firm works.
    • What kind of software is best for firms and remote work.
    • The power of daily check-in meetings.

Additionally, we touch on more around a tax planning software tool and maximizing returns for accounting firms and CPAs.

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