Everything in our digital age is operated on mobile platforms and this can either be extremely beneficial to your business or it can be detrimental if you don’t know how to utilize the tools available. Learn how to use your accounting practice software to take your business mobile and keep your clients happy whether you’re in the office or not.

Learn About Cloud Storage

This is something you may have heard of in the past or even be familiar with now. The idea is that all of your important documents, contacts, and memos are available at a moment’s noticed via the “cloud.” This is a special server that is accessible through an account you set up with the company that operates the cloud. Many people are often uncomfortable using cloud storage because they’re not sure that it’s secure. However, with the right software you can protect your information and still have it available at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Organizing Your Information Everywhere

Once you learn about cloud storage, it’s easy to use your accounting practice software to keep all of the files you need organized wherever you go. Keep your practice in top shape and your clients satisfied in the office, at home, or on the go.

Sync contacts, notes about each one, and their files stored and organized, to be accessed when you need them. You can talk on the phone to clients and pull up details about their account to reference while you’re on the call no matter where you are.

Communicate with other accountants both at the office and outside of it, including sending and receiving files and adding notes or appointments to client files.

Set reminders and communicate with clients whenever necessary. Never again miss a meeting or be without the documents and notes you need to complete that meeting successfully.

These tools are just the beginning to operating your accounting practice flawlessly. You’ll be able to service existing clients better than ever as well as show new clients that you’re the best of the best.

Utilize Social Networks

The information you have access to via cloud storage can put you in a prime position to share and promote your business using your social networks.

Use your accounting practice software to set up meetings, work with your team to create ideas and campaigns, and share notes about each project.

When you have all of your notes available via cloud storage, each person involved can use these details to campaign for more business on social networks. Create posts and encourage friends and fans to share them in compliance with the notes and campaigns you create together.

Invite your clients to enjoy special opportunities during big times for accounting firms such as during tax season. Offer incentives and use private social networking groups or personalized e-mails to get the word out.

Building Your Business Nationally

With all of your information synced using accounting practice software, you can more easily build your business to span several cities or states. Open more offices and utilize the tools of the software and cloud storage capabilities to share information and keep everything organized in one place. You’ll be able to see reports about how each office is doing and which ones need more work, or which ones aren’t working for you. Commend the best employees and keep in touch with all of your VIP clients from one office even if your business begins to span the country.

Follow Through and Keep Learning

As your business grows and your client base spans more demographics, you’ll need to follow through on each new acquisition and educate yourself about operating your larger business.

Your accounting practice software can help you gather the necessary information to keep your business flourishing and still keep all of your clients and employees happy. You can never stop learning as your business grows and if you continue to educate yourself, you’ll always be able to build up even further. Use accounting practice software to take your business mobile and grow into the next generation of technology and business!

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