In this episode of “Growing Your Firm,” host David Cristello interviews Kayla Green from Bactrian LLC. They discuss the firm’s impressive growth, which has largely been driven by word-of-mouth referrals rather than traditional digital marketing. 

Bactrian LLC offers a range of accounting services, payroll servicing, estate planning, and financial advising, positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for their clients. Tune in to learn more about their strategies for success and how they have achieved such impressive growth.

What you’ll learn

In this episode, you’ll learn about the success of a small accounting firm in a rural farm community. The firm’s competitive advantage is their deep relationships with clients, personalized services, and ability to deliver fast results. They have experienced steady growth and client retention through the power of word of mouth. 

The podcast also discusses the importance of over delivering for clients and being involved in a passionate community.

About Kayla Green

Kayla Green is a CPA and the guest speaker in this podcast episode. She is the founder of Bactrian LLC, an accounting firm that has experienced significant growth through word of mouth in their town. Kayla’s firm provides unique services that are not offered by other firms in their area. 

The firm focuses on taking care of the hard work for their clients so they can focus on their business, and provide personalized and speedy service. 

For example, Kayla has achieved success by going above and beyond for her clients, such as checking the price of a vehicle for sale when a client didn’t have time to do so. She has been a guest on this podcast to share her story and experiences. 

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Building A Firm Through Word of Mouth Marketing

In this episode, guest Kayla Green discusses how Jetpack Workflow has been instrumental in her work, enabling her to stay organized and avoid errors. She particularly appreciates Jetpack’s layout and its assistance with tasks like scheduling tax payments. 

We always appreciate those comments when talking to customers

Kayla and David dive into the firm’s  growth strategy, which relies less on digital marketing and advertising and more on word-of-mouth referrals within their local community.

Kayla also highlights how Bactrian LLC helps struggling businesses get back on track. She shares a success story of a client who, with their assistance, became debt-free and achieved success. This positive outcome then led to other businesses in the area becoming clients and friends of the firm.

When it comes to managing their clients, Kayla mentions that they have approximately twenty payroll clients with varying schedules. 

During the episode, Kayla also emphasizes that Jetpack Workflow is an essential tool for managing multiple payroll schedules, tasks, and appointments. 

She explains that without Jetpack, she would have to rely on Post-it notes and her calendar, which would be challenging and prone to mistakes. 

With Jetpack, she can easily check off tasks and access client information to stay on top of deadlines. Specifically, she uses Jetpack to schedule quarterly, weekly, and monthly tax payments, crucial tasks with specific due dates. 

Kayla stresses that without Jetpack, errors could occur, potentially impacting clients. She also expresses her admiration for Jetpack’s layout and flow, mentioning that she receives monthly achievement awards for completing the most tasks, particularly as she handles numerous payroll responsibilities. 


      • [00:02:03] Driving growth through client satisfaction.

      • [00:04:12] Small Town Business Success.

      • [00:08:06] Niche marketing in a small town.


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