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It is that time of year again – busy season. Days are long and strenuous and sometimes they last into the night. Personal commitments are pushed to the sideline. Laundry piles up and you have no food in the refrigerator. Life is on hold until April – oh can’t April come soon enough.

To help cope with the stresses of busy season, here are some tips and time savers that you can use to help optimize your time, be more productive, and have your days go by a bit easier.
Seamless makes take-out, well, seamless. Don’t have time to step away from your desk for lunch or are you working through dinner? Go on Seamless to place your order from any of the local take-out restaurants in your area.
Have a stain on that shirt from your take-out lunch? helps you find local laundry services that can pick up, wash, and deliver your shirt and those dirty clothes that are piling up in the hamper.
Because you are spending lots of time at the office, your household chores have been falling to the wayside. If you need a quick spruce up, hire a housekeeper! Check out or also helps with childcare services if you cannot be home with your little ones. Find a trusted babysitter or nanny out.
And of course, we cannot forget our furry friends. Fido needs some fresh air and a good walk around the neighborhood. Find a dog walker on or
Speaking of food – don’t have time to go grocery shopping? Check out the shopper services online for options available. Pick the food you want and have it delivered to your home or office.
And while you are at it, check out or for bulk grocery and household item deliveries; check out and of course Amazon or Google Express (
Congratulations – the hard work is nearly over. Treat yourself to some pampering. Have a masseuse come right to your doorstep and into your home, bringing their very own massage table. Check to learn more.
And lastly, with some free time coming up, book that trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. You know you want too!

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