We’re excited to release our latest time tracking software for accountants and bookkeepers, along with time sheets and profitability reports for your firm.

You’ll now be able to start a timer, manually record, and even backlog time tracking inside of Jetpack Workflow. Also, if you add a billable hour, as well as allocated time for a job, you’ll be able to track a profitability status within Jetpack Workflow.

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Time tracking can often be one of the most laborious and problematic parts of running your accounting firm, which is why the following characteristics are important to consider and reviewing before selecting a tool.

Ease of Use

One of the first things to take a look at is how intuitive is the tool? Is it simple to log time for a piece of work? Can you add notes? Edit the field? Mark it as billable? Heck, even delete an erroneous entry?

Does the timer or time entry field make it obvious what is being created? Does it give you notifications that time is even running?
Your first run experience of a timer gives you a lot of information!


How does the timer or timesheet work with tools like Quickbooks Online? How does it connect or attach to work items (jobs, projects, tasks)? Is it easy to add notes?

ROI and implementation

One of the main reasons to invest in a time tracking tool or time sheet is to get the business insights you need. So to that end think about the type of ROI you’re looking for. What questions are you trying to answer? What insights will help you grow your firm?

In addition to that, also look at the implementation and support for any product you review. In the majority of cases, the support and training will drive the adoption of the software, so do not brush this off lightly, especially if you’re rolling this out to a team!

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