Train New Employees Faster with Project Management Software for Accountants

Businesspeople Sitting At Conference Table Bringing new accountants into your firm can be exciting but training them in the ways your office runs can be frustrating. There are rules to remember, steps to go through, and a process that everyone must follow in order to keep each client happy and let everything run smoothly. Project management software for accountants gives every new employee a platform to work with from day one. The skills they already have along with the software you use in the office will make training time go a lot faster and work wonders in ensuring all of your clients receive the level of service you hope to maintain. The Way Things Work Offices can be particular in the way they work and one of the most difficult things for a new accountant is acclimating to the new environment. They have to learn about the way things work and that doesn’t just mean finding the coffee pot and bringing witty banter to the water cooler. Get started by showing your new employees how your project management software for accountants works as an introduction to the office environment. Schedule the first appointments with them and show them how to add notes, find and import clients, and communicate with other people within the office. Use your software to show new accountants how to find notes about shared clients and ensure they’re always giving the best level of customer service possible. Set new accountants up with a senior accountant to learn by seeing and doing under someone who knows for the first few days. Let them experience the office from the eyes of someone who’s been around for a while and can easily show them the ropes. Learn Together When new employees come in, the dynamic of the office can become compromised until the new addition has successfully blended it. Avoid this imbalance by bringing everyone together. Hold a seminar for new additions when you have a few coming in at once. Mix them with people who have been there for a short time so that they can refresh as well as get to know the new people. Encourage social conduct between senior accountants and new ones by giving them a mixer or small party during a slow time of the day. Welcome new people into the fold with celebration. Introduce new accountants to your prime clients and let them follow along during a meeting or two. They can see how you do things with the clients that have stayed and learn about the way your office and your business works. Provide Support There’s a learning curve with every new addition and some people may not know about using project management software for accountants even with a little training. It is important to provide ongoing support for use of this software so mistakes are easily and quickly rectified. Let new people know where to find technical support for the project management software for accountants they’ll be using. Give them a “cheat sheet” with numbers to call and e-mails to use when they have trouble. Assess progress on a regular basis to see where more training is needed and in what areas new additions excel. Use constructive criticism to promote a positive environment and keep employees reaching for the next best standard. Encourage goal setting for new employees and show them how project management software for accountants will help them reach their goals. Having something to work toward lets employees have a next step to keep them getting better. Promote friendly competition within the office and give incentive for things like bringing in new business and improving client services by taking initiative. Promote a Positive Office Competition is good and assessment helps people grow but make sure that the incentives you offer and the criticism given is always positive. Stop negativity in its tracks by never letting it continue when you spot it. Project management software for accountants gives you the tools you need to keep things organized so the chaos that causes discord is kept out. Learn more how you can use these tools to create a faster training period and a more positive office environment with JetPack Workflow today!

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