Male Hand Touching Button and Ticking Check BoxBuilding a new business means training new people and basically trying to figure out how to make your business work effectively. You’ll have to put a system in place for bringing in new clients and retaining them as well as establish best practices for the accountants in your firm. A task tracker for accountants gives everyone in your firm a universal platform to keep every part of your office organized. You’ll be able to monitor the way your clients are handled and what goes on with each account, which allows you to build your business faster, more efficiently, and with happy employees and clients.

Creating a Client List
In order to build a successful accounting firm, you’ll need clients that enjoy your business, keep coming back, and tell other people about their excellent experience.

Some of the seasoned accountants that you hire may be bringing client lists with them. This is a good foundation but you’ll also need everyone to be acquainted with each list, the accountant (or accountants) who manage them, and any special notes about specific clients.

Bringing brand new business into the firm means trying to keep that business and build it to become something retentive. This requires the entire firm’s participation from the receptionist that greets the new client to the accountant that handles their business, and even the manager who may check up on them after a meeting.

Staying in touch with each client is a great way to build a business and this needs to happen on a regular basis. When you being a repertoire with a client, they’ll come to expect the calls and e-mails or other methods of contact at regular intervals. 

A task tracker for accountants helps keep these points in order, giving everyone in the office (including management) a way to see what’s going on and when. They’ll never miss a meeting, make a client uncomfortable, or scare away new business when there is a platform that shows who is involved and how the client prefers to be treated. Your clients will keep coming back because of this special attention to detail and the organized fashion of your business will make them feel that their affairs are in good hands.

Maintaining Your System

Once you’ve installed a task tracker for accountants and created a system that makes your firm run smoothly, you’ll need to maintain it in order to keep your business strong. Your task tracker allows you access to the tools you need to do this well and easily.

Provide support to your employees in learning how to use the software you’ve chosen. Give them access to a dedicated tech team that helps them with any problems they might have using it.

Monitor activity between clients and accountants using the task tracker. Make sure they’re including notes about meetings and what they learn about each client so everyone can have access to this information and provide satisfactory service every time.

Use your task tracker to hold employees accountable for the work they do with their clients. You’ll be able to see who is doing (or not doing) what you’ve asked and set reminders for new task lists that you create.

Check back on progress on a regular basis to keep all client data accurate. This gives everyone in the office the necessary data to always provide what the client wants even if they’re not the regular accountant for that client. 

Build Further

As your business grows, your task tracker will help you continue to build further when you find it necessary to add new accountants to your firm. Make training on this software a priority when new people first come to work for you and maintain your system by checking their progress as they go. The task tracker can also help each new employee get acquainted with the way the office works and the clients you already have. Set task lists and reminders for new accountants when they get started to give them the right tools to succeed within your firm!

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