Clients remember when things go wrong during their visit to your firm and their first experiences with your CPAs will set the stage for any repeat business. If they feel like the CPA handling their case is inefficient or doesn’t know what they’re doing, that apparent incompetence will deter them from coming back.

Think about it, would you go back to a CPA who looked like their calendar was a mess and they couldn’t handle their own business? Your clients need to be able to trust the CPAs who care for them and one of the best ways to show this on a first impression is to be organized and have a process that is flawlessly executed throughout their visit.

Workflow software for accountants can help all of your CPAs achieve this level of client service so that your firm has more repeat business and loyal clientele. In turn, this will spread by word of mouth and other means to bring in even more business that lasts.

Building a Better Client Base

Your CPA firm is built on your clients and that means new business is always good but repeat business is what will keep your firm thriving. You want your clients to want to come back to your CPAs and adding workflow software for accountants to your office organizes the way that everyone deals with clients to keep each person on the same page, including managers.

Use the new software to create a protocol for first time clients that gives each one an experience they’ll remember. Organize names and information, include notes for the clients, and schedules of meetings and this way even if the CPA on the case falls ill or has an emergency, someone else can handle the client with the same excellent service.

Managers can better keep track of the CPAs in their firm with this software and include prompts for client meetings, e-mails for client reminders, and track progress for each client to make sure the best service is achieved.

Workflow software for accountants keeps the entire office on one page. Interoffice communication is simpler and less mistakes are made, giving clients the same great service throughout the office, no matter who they call or what they need.

Change the Way You Train Your CPAs

When new CPAs enter the office, you want them to be able to deliver the level of service you promise to all of your clients. Workflow software for accountants gives you an efficient way to train every new employee so they learn the protocols, organization, and communication within the office faster and without error.

  • Track the progress of new CPAs to see how they’re handling new clients and if they need additional training to stay on point.
  • Use workflow software for accountants to familiarize new CPAs with their client list and the ways you introduce first time clients to the firm.
  • Use e-mail prompts and scheduling organization to ensure your new CPAs are following up with new clients to keep them coming back and enjoying their experience with your firm.

Choose Your Software Wisely

The type of workflow software for accountants that you choose for your CPA firm will set the stage for the better client service you hope to provide. Research the features you need in order to achieve the level of service you want and weigh that against the software you decide to choose. If there are too many features you don’t need, it could confuse employees but if there aren’t enough features the client services you want to improve won’t be possible. Talk to the CPAs in your firm and ask them what they need to provide better service to their clients. Ask your current clients if there are ways you can improve their service. By asking the clients you already have, you can find ways to retain new clients as well as guarantee the loyalty of current clients. JetPack Workflow has programs that work for your firm and give you the features you need to provide the best service to first time clients and retain those clients for years to come. Learn more today!

See Jetpack Worflow In Action

Get under the hood of Jetpack Workflow’s accounting workflow and project management platform. See some of the top features and how it helps your firm standardize, automate, and track client work more efficiently.