One of the best parts about expanding your business is bringing on new and talented partners that are major assets to further expansion. You’ll want to eliminate any chaos that comes with the transition for your new partners without putting out the people that already work for you.

Workflow software for accountants gives you the tools necessary for a seamless entry into the business for your new partners and anyone else that comes with them. Learn how you can use these tools to your advantage and show your business in its best light.

  1. Strong Communication

Clear and strong one-on-one communication is a key point in making your business run the way you want it to and workflow software for accountants lets you send inter office memos and other messages and you can see when/if they’re opened and read. Use reminders to make sure people are on the same page about meetings. These simple things let you keep one finger on everything that’s going on so you don’t have to worry that your word is misunderstood.

  1. Neat Schedules

Good communication trickles down to neat schedules that benefit everyone. Task lists and universal calendars give everyone a clear picture of what’s going on with their peers, partners, and clients. You can view all the different schedules in order to see if the schedules work as they should or if there are any holes that need to be filled. Schedules that work for everyone benefit your clients the most because none of them will ever be without their accountant at the time they’re supposed to meet.

  1. Merge Social Media Pages

When you bring in a new partner or merge with another firm, it may be prudent to merge your social media pages under one brand. This will let your clients know that you’re working together and that they can expect the same or better service with your new additions. If you have a dedicated stand-alone web site as well as or instead of social media, be sure to merge these presences as well. This also shows a united front among your employees.

You don’t want the different people from each office or the new partners and old to develop animosity based on something as petty as separate internet presences. Workflow software for accountants will generate reports that show you how any revenue generated from these sources changes as you merge with new people.

  1. Predict New Trends

The new people that you bring in may serve to fill a niche in a market you were otherwise unable to reach without them. This will mean that you’ll have to research new industry trends to predict what may happen in the coming months or years. Use workflow software for accountants to upload new reports and information used by the partners that are merging with your firm. You’ll easily be able to see how they can work with you and what they can do to predict trends in the market for which they’re most proficient.

Client Wellbeing

All of these practices may also be used to employ workflow software for accountants to acclimate new clients. When a client switches from a different firm, they need to know that they can trust you and the people that work for you as well as your partners. Present a workplace that is efficient and orderly using the same tools you’ve used to acclimate new partners. Your clients will thank you and they’ll tell their friends!

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