One on one communication

african woman signing employment contractCommunication is a key point to making every business endeavor a success. When your business begins to grow, the one on one side of communication can often degrade with the added employee numbers and the multitude of responsibilities that each manager has to take on. Don’t let communication suffer just because you’re busy, though, and encourage the rest of your colleagues and partners to do the same. Workflow software for accountants can give you tools for clear one on one communication that fits into even the most packed schedules. Learn how you can open the lines of communication without letting your own responsibilities suffer and show the other higher ups in your business how to follow your lead.

  1. Locate Problem Areas

A weak spot in your business could be communication and while this does fall under your responsibilities, it’s not all up to you. The employees and clients have to do their part as well and if you don’t know enough about how they operate and what they need, you won’t know where the problems are. Find out where the weak spots are in the lines of communication and then build from there to make sure those things don’t happen again. Take the time to do this now and you’ll find that it takes a lot less work to maintain in the future.

  1. Create Communication Schedules

Workflow software for accountants can generate reports that show you progress about several areas of your business as well as the employees that operate them. Schedule meetings to keep things on track according to when these reports come to you. It could be weekly, monthly, or daily if the situation warrants it. Employees instead of managers can execute every project well if you use these reports to see what’s happening as they work. Enjoy a more fluid operation by delegating responsibilities and creating communication schedules that allow you to bring up any issues as they come along.

  1. Utilize Remote Capabilities

You don’t have to be in the same room as each employee while they are updating you on their progress. An interoffice communication system can improve the way things work exponentially. Workflow software for accountants lets you see when and if employees have read messages you’ve sent. You can also set reminders about specific tasks and create task lists for each project. If your employees have questions, remote capabilities allow open lines of communication to get answers as soon as possible.

  1. Face-to-Face Communication

The walls of your offices can be transparent if you let them. If you’re busy with clients and partners a lot of the time, set office hours for your employees where they can come to see you if they need help or have an issue that needs discussing. You can also try an e-mail program with a special subject line like “office hours” or the project name and “needs help” instead of marking things in terms of urgency. These details assist you in setting priorities and give your employees clarity about how they should communicate with you, other partners, and managers.

Predicting New Problems

Using workflow software for accountants to open better lines of communication is a step that will help you to predict new issues that may arise in the future. Your employees can be the first responders for these issues and with better communication between you and them, you’ll be able to find and solve problems before they ever happen. Your clients will be happier and your employees more motivated.

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