• Leveraging Insurance Products 

    • Establishing Wealth Management Partnerships 

    • Experiencing Time & Money


About John Ensley

John is the president of JEnsley Financial, a fiduciary financial planning firm based out of Vancouver, WA. John started his firm in 2012 after a U-turn move from corporate America to financial services. 

After obtaining a copy of “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, John began to understand that the technologies existed to build a life that allowed him to control his time, and ultimately his life. 

From here, he built a firm that allowed him to do just that. He comments how winters in Washington can provide a somewhat gloomy ambiance, so why not take business to Mexico? John will spend a portion of his time in Mexico averaging 10-20 hours a week working on his business, while sharing the joys of teaching others about sailing and cruising. 

Keep More. Worry Less. Retire Happy! 

Wealth Management Partnerships are a large piece of the fiduciary financial planning model. John tells us that building relationships with key professional niches, specifically CPAs, can contribute to the success of the client’s future. 

Before we dive too deep, let’s identify John’s niche too. JEnsley Financial is based on helping potential entrepreneurs, business owners, families, or all of the above. 

John developed systems early on that promoted saving, investing and borrowing, specifically by leveraging life insurance products. 

The unique features of the life insurance products can have many interesting characteristics:

    • Ownership retirement planning

    • Cash flow management tools 

Leveraging Cash Value Life Insurance products can provide clients a unique way to better experience their money, both presently and in the future. 

Or, as JEnsley Financial puts it, Keep More. Worry Less. Retire Happy!

Disclaimer: This Is Not Tax Advice 

Leaders or owners in the accounting industry likely come across conversations that lead to windows where JEnsley and his team could provide value. John also recognized this opportunity after he noticed himself giving disclaimers to his clients that he was not providing tax advice. 

More specifically, John would advise on strategies that still required clients to be prudent and have conversations with their CPA or accountants.

However, problems are actually opportunities. In essence, this positioned John to make referrals to accounting firms and build relationships in that sector of business. 

Alas,  partnerships between fiduciary financial planning firms and CPAs are born and are possibly the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. 

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