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Meet Vipul Sheth


Vipul Sheth is the managing director of AdvanceTrack Outsourcing. While he is based in the UK, he has a large team operating in India that works with accountants and bookkeepers across the planet. 


In today’s episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, Vipul will explain the two common characteristics he sees in firms that experience double-digit YoY growth and explain how these characteristics separate them from other firms. 


Growing Firms Really Care


The first characteristic Vipul has noticed in quickly growing firms is that they really care.  He referred to a firm that went above and beyond to care for its clients during the pandemic by giving each team member a list of clients to call. 


After 10 days, each client had been contacted and there was a comprehensive list of the help each of them needed to get through the difficult time. 


While some of the senior-level calls were structured, the purpose of each call was to let the clients know they were there to help. The key to their success was that no client was missed and the firm showed they were there for them from day one. 


It also helped to have the entire team calling, if someone on the junior level couldn’t help a client they’d pass them to the senior level. It showed the clients the whole team was on their side. 


Vipul says that you can never go too above and beyond to help your clients. When you put in work that shows you care and helps your clients reach their goals, they will repay you in the end and easily recognize your value. It’s important your clients know that first and foremost, you want to help them.


Once you’ve begun providing good service, your clients will be happy to pay a higher price. 


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The second characteristic in quickly growing firms is the use of technology to deliver better service to their clients. Along with other helpful automation, Vipul says a good CRM system is essential.


This tool will allow you to record exactly what a client needs and gives you the ability to pass it along to the team member who can handle it properly. CRM tools speed up processes and leave no stone unturned. 


However, like caring about your clients, using tools like CRM’s requires buy-in from the whole team. Vipul says it’s about the people who are implementing the tools, not the buyers. If the implementors find value, that’s what’s important. To do this you need to provide context and explain why the new tool will improve their work. 


Vipul took this idea to the next level in relation to outsourcing teams. Just as it is important when implementing new tools, you need to have a good reason and buy-in from your team before you outsource a team of people as well.


Quickly growing firms all have two things in common. They really care about their clients and they use the right tools to help them provide better services. 


Vipul goes into detail about each of these characteristics in the full podcast, which you can listen to above!


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