When you first started your accounting firm, you may have never dreamed that the business would grow as large as it did. Before you know it, there are different departments, dozens of clients (or more!), and the accountants at your firm need their own accountants. Workflow for bookkeepers is the software that allows the financial planners of your firm to better predict how things will grow as time moves forward. Learn how this means landing bigger clients and even taking on corporate accounts that you may not have believed your firm was capable of handling in the past.

Believe in Your Firm’s Worth
As an accountant, it’s easy to put worth into dollars and cents but when it comes to a firm that works with people, your client relationships are also factored into that worth. Take a look at the relationships your firm has cultivated over the years and how many of them have lasted to still be going strong today. Those long relationships are your retained business and they will make up the foundation of your firm’s reputation when you try to land big clients.

Stand Out
One of the best ways you can grab the attention of a big client or corporate account is to have something that makes you stand out among all of the other firms trying to grab their attention. Workflow for bookkeepers assists in this endeavor by allowing the people who handle your firm’s finances to stay on point and look as professional as possible. These people are the face of your firm’s strength so their professionalism matters just as much (maybe more) as the attitudes and performances of the accountants at your firm. Be sure that the bookkeepers of your financial department have every tool they need to put out your desired image.

Seek Advice From The Successful
It is not at all demeaning to ask large corporations what they’re looking for in an accounting firm before you try to court a specific account. You can send a “scout” to find out the information if you don’t want to risk being remembered but in the end, a large firm will more than likely find your initiative impressive if you stand out enough from the start for them to remember you. Focus groups, reports, and industry research can help you land big clients but the best way to find out what they’re looking for is simply to ask.

Predict Market Trends
Workflow for bookkeepers includes all kinds of tools that your firm’s financial department can use to predict what may happen for you in the future. You can use generated reports to see the way your firm has been performing and where it will go next. These numbers show you if your business is secure enough for you to go after big clients in the first place. If your in a bad financial place, it may be tempting to try to land a large account but the people in charge of hiring you probably won’t feel comfortable with a firm that can’t keep themselves afloat.

The client wants to know that you’re firm will be around for a long time to handle their account for many years to come. Big clients are especially astute when it comes to this detail because they’ve usually been established for a long time and they know they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They need an accounting firm that can go the distance with them.

Go Forward With Gusto
Once you’ve established where your firm is and where you’re going, it’s time to go after the big guys with all the confidence you have. Give positive reinforcement to the accountants at your firm and make sure that they have the necessary tools to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. Workflow for bookkeepers will keep your financial department on track and trickle down to keep everyone else moving in the right direction. It only takes one big client to give you even more confidence to go after the next one. Before you know it, everything you believed to be out of reach will be firmly in your grasp.

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