6 Best Invoice and Proposal Software for Accountants

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You only get one chance to make a first impression.

It’s an old adage but a true one. Generally speaking, your proposals and engagements letters immediately set the tone and standard by which your firm is going to be judged by a new client. In fact, one of the most important things in any onboarding session is setting the right expectations to meet. If you haven’t given serious thought to your current software, it’s time to review what you’re using to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. Proposal software tends to also be a “set it and forget” decision. Make sure you review your choice yearly! Finding a good invoicing and proposal software solution for your firm or practice can be challenging. Below are some reviews of leading invoicing applications. And whether you’re an accountant, CPA Firm or Bookkeeper, the software below is a great starting point to begin your search. Freshbooks What it Does: Freshbooks is a Toronto based software that has recently moved towards becoming a full fledged accounting platform. Grounded in invoicing and time and billing, Freshbooks has entered the space with updated accounting features, as well as proposals and engagement management tools. Freshbooks currently has over 300 employees and raised north of $50M in investment dollars from investors. Image of Freshbook's website Main Features:
  • Send Invoices in Seconds
    • Accepts Credit Cards, Paypa,l and Cash to Get Paid Faster
    • Multi-Currency Invoicing
    • Invoice Tracking to See Exactly When Your Invoice is Viewed
    • Late Payment Reminders
  • Organize Expenses with Ease
    • Automatically Import Your Expenses
    • Track Expenses by Client
    • Snap a Pic and Instantly Capture Receipts
    • Add Expenses to Invoices in a Flash
  • Track Time From Anywhere
    • Track Every Billable Second
    • Team Time Tracking
    • Different Projects Get Different Rates
    • Monitor Team Progress
  • Know Your Numbers with FreshBooks Reports
    • Breeze Through Tax Time
    • Easily Export to QuickBooks
  • Support
Free Trial: (Yes/No) Yes, 30-day free trial Pricing Plans start at $9.95 per month Cloud Based? Yes Website: http://www.freshbooks.com/ _____________________


What it Does: Bidsketch is a proposal management system which aims to be usable, simple, and cost effective. It integrates with tools like Salesforce, Zapier, and even Freshbooks (who is a competitor since launching their own proposal management system). BidSketch claims it supports more than 2,000 businesses and was launched in 2009. Bidsketch dashboard view Main Features:
  • Create beautiful proposals
  • E-signature integration
  • Flexible branding to match your firm
  • Full analytics and integrations to track and integrate your proposals.
Free Trial: (Yes/No) Yes, 14-day free trial Pricing Plans start at $29 per month Cloud Based? Yes Website: http://www.bidsketch.com _____________________


What it Does: Proposify is a user friendly accounting system that allows anyone to create a simple and beautiful proposal in seconds. They also have advanced features like signatures and payments, as well as deep integrations with tools like Hubspot and Salesforce. Proposify dashboard view Main Features:
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited users
  • Third party integrations
  • Notifications & auto follow ups
  • Metrics
  • PDF exports
Free Trial: (Yes/No) Yes, 14-day free trial Pricing Plans starts at $19 per month per user Cloud Based? Yes Website: https://www.proposify.com/ _____________________

Practice Ignition

What it Does: Practice Ignition sends proposals, contracts, and payments. Grounded in the accounting community, Practice Ignition highlights features like deep integrations with Quickbooks Online and Xero (along with tools like Zapier). It is also the young, hip kid on the block in the proposal space. Image of Practice Ignition's website Main Features:
  • Smart Proposals
  • Engagement Letters
  • Audit Trail
  • Business Insights
  • Process and Compliance
  • Standard Templates
  • Digital signatures
  • Automatic Payments
  • Scope Management
  • Powerful Integrations
Free Trial: (Yes/No) Yes, 14-day free trial Pricing Plans starts at $75 per month Cloud Based? Yes Website: https://www.practiceignition.com/ _____________________


What it Does: GoProposal is focused on serving the UK and international accounting community, with unique features like collaborative fee agreements and variable scope management. Similar to Practice Ignition (which we believe is a main competitor), GoProposal also has tight integrations with accounting platforms like Xero. go Image of Go Proposal's website. Main Features:
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Client Facing Interface
  • Powerful Proposals
  • Letters of Engagement
  • Full Branding Suite
  • Safety & Security
  • Powerful Integrations
Free Trial: (Yes/No) Yes, 30-day free trial Pricing Plans starts at £60 ($76.85 US) per user per month up to 5 proposals Cloud Based? Yes Website: https://goproposal.com/ _____________________

Cloud Pricing

What it Does: Cloud Pricing is a tool developed by the accounting pricing expert Mark Wickersham. It's very focused on the initial scope of work and proposal but doesn’t manage things like invoices or payments. It does have signature integrations too! If you follow Mark’s work though, it’s likely a slam dunk to accelerate his methodology in your firm. We love Mark and you should too. If you’re interested, check out his website here. Image of Pricing in the Cloud's website Main Features:
  • Involve your client in the pricing process
  • Produce professional proposals in seconds
  • Fully customisable
  • Full support
  • Quote Management
  • Safety & Security
  • Powerful Integrations
Free Trial: (Yes/No) No Pricing Plans starts at $39 per month Cloud Based? Yes Website: https://www.cloud-pricing-software.com/


You’re never going to get a better chance to set expectations for your work product than your engagement letter. How your letter looks, feels, and the process by which you go about onboarding new clients really says a lot about your firm. When was the last time you set back and thought “What is my engagement letter saying about us?”

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