Practice management software for Quickbooks Online

Interested in learning more about practice management software for Quickbooks Online? In this section, we’ll cover how Jetpack Workflow integrations with Quickbooks Online, as well as how it can apply to your practice management.

Before we dive into how Jetpack integrations with Quickbooks, let’s take a moment to examine some critical questions we recommend asking as you research solutions for Quickbooks Online.

What are your goals for your firm?

Before jumping into a new application, it can be critical to take a look at your goals for your firm. For example, what are your metrics for success for your firm in the next 12 months. Then based off of this, you can determine how a solution or investment in a practice management solution.

Defining the solution

What plays into practice management?

In typical practice management software application, you will find a mix of client, project, task, team, and even document or billing management. It’s important to define what is important for you during your search for the right practice

For the Jetpack Workflow integration, here’s what we have in store in terms of integration:

  • Sync Quickbooks Online Customers to Jetpack Workflow Clients
  • Sync Team members in Quickbooks Online (QBO) to Jetpack Workflow
  • Sync service line items from Quickbooks to Jetpack
  • Ability to push timesheet information back into Quickbooks
  • Ability to push billable time (by staff hourly or service item) into Quickbooks

In terms of practice management, let’s take a look at the core areas

Client management

Inside of Jetpack workflow, you can have a central database of your clients and contacts, and attach unlimited notes, custom data fields, and more. When you update a customer in QBO, you can also hit refresh and have the data sync to Jetpack Workflow

Job or project management

Inside of Jetpack, you can manage all 1-off and recurring jobs and projects in a simple, easy to use place. You can store workflow templates (or pick from our library), quickly add work to one of many clients, and onboard new clients quickly. You can also setup email notifications and task dependencies.

Team management

Inside of Jetpack, you can track team capacity, as well as run WIP reports (or task completed reports, timesheet reports and more) organized by staff or team.

Time and billing management

Finally, you can track time and export timesheet and billable information back into quickbooks. You can setup time intervals for the data sync, or you can manual sync the data at any time. All information can be mapped back into quickbooks. Upon importing, all billable entries will be matched with the proper client, and all timesheet entries will be integrated.

Next steps

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