Project management software for Quickbooks

What is project management software for Quickbooks ?

A common question we receive a lot is … what should I expect from project management software, especially ones that integration with Quickbooks?

First and foremost, project (or even task) management should have a few, key features that you need to know about.

  • Projects and task management: You should be able to list out as many (or few) projects and subsequent tasks as you want
  • You should be able to assign specific due dates and team members to each task or project
  • There should be an overview where you can see all the work going on
  • A place to leave notes, description, and even documents related to the project or engagement.

Additional project management software could also include recurring projects or dates, team collaboration features, time and billing features, and more, but at the core, project management software is focused on the above points.

What to keep in mind when looking for project management software for Quickbooks ?

As with any software or application, they first thing you’d want to do is assess what type of tool you are looking for, how it meets your strategic goals, and then begin working with vendors (whether it’s a demo, free trial period, or anything else).

It’s important that you define important parts of the project management application before researching. This process can be as simple or as complex as you wish. For example, we work with firms and they tell us… “We need a place to house all our clients, and quickly setup recurring work while having a place for the team to quickly see what’s been assigned to them”.

So right now, we know that a client list is important. Recurring projects or task is important. And a easy to use application for the team to log into is important. By having these baseline requirements, you can quickly research project management software for Quickbooks in a more refined way, and come to a smart choice sooner.

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How does Jetpack Workflow integration with Quickbooks Online?

Jetpack workflow (yes, we are a bit biased!) is one of the leading quickbooks online integrations, which includes the following

  • Client list import, and QBO to Jetpack customer/client sync
  • Team import, and ongoing team sync from quickbooks
  • Ability to push billable information, matched with service line item and client, back into Quickbooks online
  • Ability to push team timesheet information, matched with service line and client (and ability to mark if it was billable or non billable time), back into Quickbooks online.

Jetpack Workflow also gives owners and the user the ability to quickly setup 1 off and recurring jobs across hundreds or thousands of clients within minutes, as well as a full workflow template library.

Final thoughts and questions about project management software for Quickbooks

As you finish your initial guidelines for the type of application you want, I recommend starting a free trial or scheduling a demo with the vendors you feel might be a good fit. Typically vendors will work with your company to see if the application is a good fit, and even help with setup and team training (sometimes complimentary, sometimes this is an additional fee. Of course, that’s another important question to ask during the research phase!).

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