Project management software for Quickbooks

What is project management software for Quickbooks ?

A common question we receive a lot from small business owners is: “what should I expect from a project management software, especially ones that integrates with Quickbooks?”

First and foremost, project (or even task) management should have a few, key features that you need to know about:

  • Projects and task management: You should be able to list out as many (or few) projects and subsequent tasks as you want
  • You should be able to assign specific due dates and team members to each task or project
  • There should be an overview where you can see all the work that’s in progress.
  • A place to leave notes, description, and even documents related to the project or engagement.

Additionally, the right project management software could also include recurring projects or dates, team collaboration features, time and billing features, and more. However, at its core, good project management software is focused on the above points.

What to keep in mind when looking for project management software for Quickbooks ?

As with any software or application, they first thing you’d want to do is assess what type of tool you are looking for, how it meets your strategic goals. Then you can begin working with vendors (whether it’s a demo, free trial period, or something else).

It’s important that you define the important parts of the project management application before researching. This process can be as simple or as complex as you wish. For example, we work with firms that tell us… “We need a place to store all our clients’ projects and quickly setup recurring work while having a place for the team to quickly see what’s been assigned to them”.

So now we know that the top features this firm needs are client lists, recurring projects or tasks, and an easy-to-use application for their team. By having these baseline requirements, you can quickly research project management tool that integrates with Quickbooks in a more refined way, and come to a smart choice sooner.

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Does Quickbooks have a built in project management tool?

QuickBooks has a built-in project management tool that allows you to track your employees’ time spent on various projects. The tool is built to plan how long future projects will take and more accurately bid on future projects.

The QuickBooks time tracking feature works on several platforms (mobile and desktop) which can be used by your employees, without giving them full access to your QuickBooks account. Time entries include complete audit trails for time entries so you can see when an entry was logged and who edited the entry.

Though the time entry system works well, is it the best solution for accounting firms? QuickBooks system calls itself a workflow solution but was really designed with payroll processing in mind. The main features touted by the program include a reduction of manual time entry by your payroll staff and the ability to schedule employee shifts.

Within the time tracking system, QuickBooks allows you to create a project with multiple tasks and assign the tasks to your team members. This sounds nice, but as an accountant, most of your projects are similar and require the same tasks to complete. The accounting part of QuickBooks was obviously built with accountants in mind, but the project management tool was built to appeal to all types of businesses. There are no premade templates for accounting-related projects in QuickBooks. You’ll have to spend the time upfront setting up your own workflows.

The system also lacks a dashboard that allows you to look at all of your projects at once, and it does not include a way to review all the tasks assigned to your team members.

How does Jetpack Workflow Integrate with Quickbooks Online?

Jetpack Workflow (yes, we are a bit biased!) is one of the leading QuickBooks Online integrations, which includes the following

  • Client list import, and QuickBooks Online to Jetpack Workflow customer/client sync
  • Team import, and ongoing team sync from QuickBooks
  • Ability to push billable information, matched with service line item and client, back into QuickBooks Online
  • Ability to push team timesheet information, matched with service line and client (and ability to mark if it was billable or non billable time), back into QuickBooks Online.

Jetpack Workflow also gives owners and their employees the ability to quickly setup 1 off and recurring jobs across hundreds or thousands of clients within minutes, as well as a full workflow template library.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We love our system (that goes without saying), but we more so love what our customers have to say about our platform. We regularly receive feedback about how our clients save time and grow after implementing Jetpack Workflow for their firms.

“I haven’t missed deadlines since using Jetpack Workflow.” David Chen, Owner at David Chen CPA

Our goal in creating Jetpack Workflow was to make workflow management for accountants a reality. Hearing that our clients meet their deadlines and better serve their clients means we’re achieving our goal.

“Before Jetpack Workflow, I’d wake up at 5 am panicked that I forgot to do something. Now I rest easy as I know exactly what deadlines are coming up. It’s allowed me to manage a greater number of clients more efficiently.” – Samantha McGrath, Owner at McGrath Tax and Accounting Services

Jetpack Workflow’s system allows you to track all of your projects so nothing slips through the cracks. The dashboard and calendar portions of the program allow you to see at a glance upcoming deadlines so you don’t need to worry that something has been overlooked. We free up your mental energy for the accounting tasks at hand!

And finally:

“We can’t live without it. It tracks everything we need in a way that nothing ever slips by…I am 100% positive Jetpack has helped grow my business (25% growth last year and looking like even better this year).” -Wendy Wray, Owner at W. S. Wray, CPA

We want to see your firm grow and be profitable. By removing many of the repetitive aspects of workflow management, Jetpack Workflow facilitates these goals. Jetpack Workflow offers a free 14-day trial so you can see how the system can help your business expand.

Final thoughts and questions about project management software for Quickbooks

As you finish your initial guidelines for the type of application you want, I recommend starting a free trial or scheduling a demo with the vendors you feel might be a good fit. Typically vendors will work with your company to see if the application meets y our needs and even help with setup and team training (sometimes complimentary, sometimes this is an additional fee) Of course, that’s another important question to ask during the research phase.

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