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20% Increase in time spent on client work

“We moved from spending 35% of our time on admin/non billable client work to only spending 15% of our time (across the entire team!). We were also able to streamline new client onboarding as easily see updates and statues across our team. Jetpack Workflow allows us to look at reporting in real time and assess our process instantly.”

Gianna Nguyen

Manager, Nguyen & Company CPA

Missing deadlines will not be missed!

“It’s been amazing, I love Jetpack Workflow! We left a clunky system and now that we’re set up, I no longer miss deadlines. Now I have a birds eye view of what’s going on in my firm, so I know what my team is doing, and what’s the status and updates for our clients”

Monica Hodgson-Daniels, CPA

Owner and CEO of Garnett and Gold Financial Corporation

$280K increase in profits in the first year alone!

“Since using Jetpack Workflow, we’ve seen a 4% increase in gross profit, resulting in an $280,000 increase to our firm!”

Jody Grunden, CPA

Co-Founder & CEO, Summit CPA

And a few more

We are able to focus on our clients, instead of focusing on planning.

Hayley Dunford

Owner of Omnis Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

It helped me grow my from 25 clients in 2017 to 50 in 2018 and 95 in 2019.

Marcos Torrado

Owner at Torrado Accounting Services

JETPACK IS AMAZING! I don’t know how else we could manage recurring tasks within our business otherwise.

Nikki Tomes

Owner at Atlantic Real Estate Management, LLC

We can’t live without it. It tracks everything we need in a way that nothing ever slips by…I am 100% positive Jetpack has helped grow my business (25% growth last year and looking like even better this year).

Wendy Wray

Owner at W. S. Wray, CPA

It’s been great. We started with the workflow management, but as we scaled, we use sub-tasks as tax return checklists for each step in the workflow process. It has allowed us to scale more effectively while keeping our quality and best practices consistent.

Mike Rudi

Owner at Guyer & Associates CPAs

Before Jetpack Workflow, I’d wake up at 5am panicked that I forgot to do something. Now I rest easy as I know exactly what deadlines are coming up. It’s allowed me to manage a greater number of clients more efficiently.

Samantha McGrath

Owner at McGrath Tax and Accounting Services

[Jetpack Workflow] has been very key in keeping track of due dates especially as multiple due dates get missed while we wait on clients to provide information. Things have NOT fallen through the cracks…”

Benjamin Szweda

Owner at Szweda Consulting, LLC

I haven’t missed deadlines since using Jetpack Workflow.

David Chen

Owner at David Chen CPA

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