Leading Firms Rely on Jetpack Workflow to Grow (without sacrificing work quality)

“Not missed a single deadline”

“Jetpack is amazing! We have not missed a single deadline in an entire year since starting Jetpack! We have 2k tax clients, over 100 monthly business accounting clients that all have different deadlines and needs, & have over 50 payroll clients. I am able to manage all of this very easily with Jetpack. You cannot go wrong. The system is amazing and well worth the money.”

Blake Shaffer, LWS Tax & Accounting

“See All Jobs that Are Due at a Glance”

“We used Basecamp for 2 years, they refuse to put a repeat function for tasks in the software and we have a lot of repeat tasks and jobs. With Jetpack, I setup the account in about 3 hours and it was extremely easy. Now we can easily setup a new client and see all jobs that are due at a glance.

Mike Bark, EdgeAdvise

“Can’t Imagine Running Our Practice without It!”

“Before Jetpack we were relying on a spreadsheet system that was becoming a bottleneck to our client management and growth. With Jetpack, we can now instantly track the weekly or daily progress. Jetpack has been tremendous and we can’t imagine running Socially Bold without it. It’s keep us accountable, saves us time managing clients and team, onboard clients faster, and deliver a consistent, high quality service to our clients.

Nicole Miller, SociallyBold

“Nothing Falls Through the Cracks”

“After 6 years of looking for the “right” software for us, we came across Jetpack Workflow. Setup took a few minutes, and now we have full visibility of all jobs and staff. Now, everything has a process and nothing falls through the cracks!

Daniel Guarin, EA, MST. Full Compliance, LLC

“Everything is Organized and Transparent”

“Everything is organized and transparent, and everyone knows what needs to be done. Jetpack Workflow is super easy to use and we have peace of mind knowing what tasks need to be done, when, and by whom. We were offered help with the setup, but we found it easy enough to implement ourselves. It seemed simple to use, the support was right there through the chat option, it’s designed for accounting professionals, and the service is great and super fast!”.

Larisa Cooper, GML CPA

“Sanity Knowing a Deadline is Set”

“Jetpack provided very good training (multiple times) to our staff at no extra charge. Importing the data was a bit manual from our old project tracker, but once we had a plan of action we implemented within a week. Now we have sanity knowing a deadline is set for each step of a job, and exporting job summaries is great. We know have efficiency in a detailed, standardized place and can track all jobs.”

Jackie Meyer, Meyer Tax Consulting