[Double Your Firm Book] Ch.2: Solving the Pricing Problems in Your Firm

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pricing problems

Continuing with the theme we began last week, this week we will cover Chapter Two of our best-selling book, Double Your Accounting Firm. In this chapter, we will cover the pricing problems found in most accounting firms. What most firms will find is that when employees are incentivized to get more billable hours and not as much… Read more »

Why Billing By The Hour Is Bad

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Why Tracking Billable Time Is the Roadblock to Financial Success in Accounting

Times, they are a-changin’. Actually, they’ve been a-changin’ for some time, now. Many other industries have caught up, but the accounting and finance world, surprisingly, has been slow to evolve. Time-based billing has been the dominant billing method for accounting firms for years, and firms are slow to give up this process. But an ever-increasing… Read more »

How to Get Consulting Clients for Your Accounting Firm with ZERO Marketing

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get consulting clients

Hector Garcia is the Founder and Principal Accountant at Quick Bookkeeping in Miami, FL. He’s developed a way for you to get consulting clients for your accounting firm with zero marketing. And he’s only been doing this since 2011, so he didn’t have a 30-year track record to lean on. In this episode of the… Read more »

[Double Your Firm]  The Rookie Mistake Firm Owners Make

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double your firm

  On July 25, 2017, our book “Double Your Accounting Firm: Lessons Learned on How Top Firms Grow Faster, Build Stronger Teams and Increase Profit” was released on Amazon. Hardcover copies will be available in the coming weeks. With this book, we plan to  add even more value to your accounting firm besides just workflow… Read more »

How to Implement Value Pricing

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Price tags

For this month’s Interview Spotlight, we’re excited to highlight our interview with Jason Blumer, Chief Innovation Officer at Blumer and Associates and Founder of Thriveal CPA’s. As most of you probably know, Jason wants to disrupt our industry. Through his work, he puts into place strategic, creative initiatives for accounting practices and does the things… Read more »

How And Why You Should Intentionally Work With Fewer Clients

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We all desire to serve our clients in better ways.  In implementing high impact strategies, we can add great depth to the client relationship while growing the business.  This week’s guest is Steve Pipe, Founder of ImproveYourPractice, and we dive into how to deliver proactive value to your clients, charge premium fees, and right-size your… Read more »

How to Ditch Timesheets, Innovate Quickly, and Grow a Successful Accounting Practice

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Tim Shortsleeve

This week we’re excited to release our interview with Tim Shortsleeve, a partner at TYS LLP and the well known AICPA speaker on various workflow process improvements and overall tactics to building a successful accounting practice. [images style=”1″ image=”http%3A%2F%2Fjetpackworkflow.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F01%2FThe-Tim-Shortsleeve-Interview.png” width=”1200″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ alt_text=”The%20Tim%20Shortsleeve%20Interview” full_width=”Y”] In this interview, we cover: The 2 baby steps to take… Read more »

How To Implement Value Pricing with Ron Baker

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Ron Baker photo

This week we’re excited to release our interview with Ron Baker. He’s been our *most requested* guest for quite some time, and now we have the full, one hour interview live! [images style=”1″ image=”http%3A%2F%2Fjetpackworkflow.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F02%2FImplementing-Value-Pricing-Ron-Baker-Image.png” width=”1200″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ alt_text=”Implementing%20Value%20Pricing%3A%20The%20Ron%20Baker%20Interview” full_width=”Y”] In this interview, we cover: The foundation of time based billing, it’s origin, and where it… Read more »