In the small business world, improving efficiency can be they key to growth and profitability. Finding ways to do this in an easy-to-use, streamlined way can be a challenge. Workflow management software can change the game for a small business, by putting all tasks and contact information in one place for easy organization and access. Here are 5 ways that a good software program can improve business efficiency.

  1. Manage Contact Lists

Keeping track of clients is one of the most fundamental and important parts of any small business. Lost or misplaced contact information can mean the difference in a huge missed opportunity, not just with the individual client but with any referrals they might send to the business later. Easily importing all client information and then having it in one, centrally organized and searchable location can effectively change the game.

  1. Streamline All Tasks and Assignments

Sometimes task assignments can be difficult to track. A lot of time gets wasted in hunting through old tasks for information that’s still relevant to ongoing projects, and knowing who has been assigned to what jobs can be difficult to juggle. An effective software program streamlines the business’s tasks so that information is stored and correctly assigned. It also becomes easier to track completed tasks and deadlines when they are all in one place.

  1. Easily Find Tasks and Projects

Locating previous tasks when they become ongoing is also made easier thanks to a good management software. Old tasks aren’t relegated to stacks of paperwork or hidden on someone else’s harddrive. Instead, they are easily searchable, and able to be organized by single tasks or ongoing projects with recurring events well in advance. Information that may be needed to new projects can be quickly found without wasting time sorting through old emails or paperwork.

  1. Effectively Manage Staff

Workflow management software helps keep track of what staff is doing during the workday as well. Monitor completed tasks and maintain effective communication through the software to ensure jobs don’t slip through the cracks and cost the business valuable clients. Software that is easy for staff to use and fits intuitively into the workplace also increases staff efficiency.

  1. Automated Reminders Keep Everyone on Time

Perhaps the best aspect of an effective software program for workflow management is that it is an automated system. Reminders are sent automatically without needing to constantly input them and recurring tasks are automatically added to the calendar. Time formerly spent organizing and tracking can now be spent working with clients and gaining new contacts.
Adding workflow management software from Jetpack Workflow can have a huge impact on a small business and its growth potential.

From changing how a business organizes contact information and tasks, to improving staff management and staying on top of time-sensitive or recurring jobs, a good software program can change the game for a small business, making them more efficient and therefore more competitive.

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