Brady Meaux is the founder of the accounting firm Meaux and Co. This interview was special because we could dig into the technology stack Brady uses for his own business. This is the perfect podcast for those curious about how to make automation work even for start-up businesses and firms, demystifying what applications he uses and how he connects them to automate different tasks. In this episode, he shares what he thinks about automation and weaving apps together, which is definitely ahead of the technology curve.



  • Meaux and Co: Beginnings and Marketing Strategy
  • Tech Stack
  • Automation


Meaux and Co: Beginnings and Marketing Strategy

Meaux and Co started as a side gig back in 2015 before finally becoming his primary source of income mid 2018. Its major services fall into the following categories: financial management and accounting oversight, tax planning and preparation, and tax resolution. Their marketing involves a lot of word of mouth, starting with friends and acquaintances, and then growing organically. However, most of their clients are small businesses making $3 million and less.

Brady started with his wife, who is also a CPA. Early on, they were working together at a large firm in Louisiana. Several people who knew them firsthand for their stellar performance and reputation would come to them to ask general questions. Of course, performing such advisory tasks was the beginning of a new side gig which would later become a full-fledged business venture. 

Because of their success in marketing primarily via word of mouth, they approach other options with caution. For example, currently, they are experimenting using Facebook, but Brady explains that they’re “just trying to see if it’s worth it.” Brady expands:

“I think [Facebook] will [worthwhile] be at some point, but right now [in 2020], and since 2015, it’s all been word of mouth. Referrals from current clients and the other people who we haven’t worked directly with just know the type of work that we do.”

Even though they can draw in clients with word-of-mouth marketing, they also leverage their technology stack and automation to aid in their marketing strategy. As you will soon see, there are several tasks that can be automated that will help you reclaim valuable time, regardless of the size of your firm.

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