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I don’t normally do this…

But, recently, I got on the phone with a new user of Jetpack Workflow’s workflow software. His name is Tom Kneeland, he is the Founder and President of Kneeland CPA.
After speaking with him…I realized he managed to squeeze out an “extra week of vacation” using Jetpack Workflow.

Let me explain.

Tom’s firm is like many others. He does tax-planning, sets up S-corps, punches new clients into the software, and does the normal tax and bookkeeping.

Up to now, he told me “I’ve used them all” when it comes to software. He’s specifically talking about practice management software. Frankly, he’s spent years cobbling together different apps… piecing them together like a Rube Goldberg machine.

It was taking him about 80 hours per tax season only to manage all the old clients, new clients, double-checking all the work was done, triple-checking the hours were punched-in correctly…the whole nine yards. Everything a typical firm owner does with practice management, he was doing it.

But, it was taking forever.

He claims by using Jetpack, he was able to save half to two-thirds” of that time. That’s a pretty big testimonial.
Over 80 hours, that’s up to 53 hours saved with one tool.

And that’s a big deal for a busy firm owner. For Tom, he believes having templates and sequencing is the ‘secret sauce’ to an efficient firm. After all, as accountants, we spend most of our time doing repetitive tasks.

With Jetpack, Tom says he’s now doing these tasks “much faster than we’ve ever done.” And that’s incredible to hear. It used to be that employees would groan when a new referral walked thru the door. Not because they didn’t want the business, but because it was a headache to set up a new client.

Inside Jetpack, it’s easy to set up new clients. Tom says it takes 15 minutes now compared to an hour or so before.

The reason it took him so long was because of his duct-taped approach. It’s not his fault, there just aren’t enough good solutions out there for accountants.

What Tom Used Before: 

Here are ones he mentioned.

  • CCH
  • Asana
  • BigTime
  • TSheets
  • CarbonHQ

They all worked as they should but ‘fell short’ in his needs for his firm..

Jetpack worked well for his firm because it had all the features he and his team wanted. “This separates you from the others” , he told me. Again, it’s not the other solutions were terrible.

But, as Tom told me, if you can’t trust the products you have, you have to start manually checking things. That’s what was taking so much time for Tom. He had software he didn’t trust.

For example, one tool had time-tracking. But, he kept seeing discrepancies that he couldn’t trust the program anymore. At that point, it becomes obsolete to even use it anymore.

In another software that managed client workflow, he was having to physically print out the sheets, use a ruler, and go line-by-line to make sure everyone was there and accounted for.

Pretty nuts to hear this in 2018.

Tom is still working Jetpack into his firm, but he’s happy with it so far. He still is planning to use our invoice function, he just hasn’t set it up yet. And that’s ok.

You can start a trial of Jetpack and test out 1-2 features at first before moving your entire practice management into it. You aren’t just reading some literature and hoping you’re picking the right product.

With Jetpack, I give you 14 free days to try it out, plus you get a demo.


With the trial, you could be like Tom and save dozens of hours. You might even free up enough time to go on an extended vacation.
Don’t worry if you’re not a ‘techie’ or love talking about new apps. Jetpack can work right now and it’s easy interface is quick and painless to navigate.

Tom’s Future: 

I asked Tom what his goals were going forward. He wants to:

  1. Continue bringing in clients through referrals
  2. Focus on workflow and efficiencies

By accomplishing these goals, he hopes for more work/life balance and to sharpen his efficiency tools. He loves tech. He worked in it in his other firms before jetting off by himself.

He believes if you can advise clients on the right tech, you provide a major service to them.

His free time also allowed him to reconnect with clients over the phone or coffee…even during tax season! Many were surprised he took the time out during busy season.

That can go a long way.

As for improvements he hopes to see in Jetpack, he’d love to see reporting improvements.

I love getting feedback like that.

Do you have anything you’d like to see in Jetpack? Shoot me an email at

That email goes right to me, the CEO, not a secretary. I read every personal email and would love your thoughts.
Thanks Tom for being a new customer.

If you’re interested in trying out Jetpack for your firm risk-free…here’s a special link to get you started.

See Jetpack Worflow In Action

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