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CaseWare Cloud is a cloud-based, accounting management tool designed to manage various aspects of your business operations. The tool is designed to handle tasks like file management, scheduling, and workflows

If you’re already using CaseWare Cloud, you can keep track of all your client engagements to make sure things are up to date. Your team can manage all your time and billing from any web-enabled device. However, the platform has limitations that send firm owners looking for a CaseWare Cloud alternative. 

If you’re looking for more robust accounting project management tools or to replace CaseWare Cloud, read on. We’ve compiled five options that can help you better manage your client projects. But first, let’s look at why CaseWare Cloud might be falling short.

Shortcomings of CaseWare Cloud

While some users found CaseWare Cloud to be their ideal solution, some users felt the software fell short when it came to their expectations:

Ease of Use/User Experience

According to G2, users complained of CaseWare’s interface as not being user-friendly. They mentioned a steep learning curve with the software, such as it being complicated and hard to figure out and that the features weren’t easily accessible. There were also complaints about how difficult it was to import data from outside of the software.

Unfortunately, a poor user experience is a big drawback to any software. Complicated or overwhelming software also sets the stage for a lot of frustration which usually results in a lot of unproductive time.

Customer Support

According to users on Softwareadvice, the training, support, and tutorials offered by CaseWare Cloud were not helpful. If you have a complicated system, you must back it up with strong customer support. 

One user stated: 

“There is not enough information out there to learn how to use it but I suppose that is more about the company than the software itself.”

Another user had this to say: 

“I have been using and testing software for about 25 years and this is the least intuitive software I have ever seen. It is buggy to change connections or setup connections especially with ORACLE databases. We paid for users to be trained and the training was terrible. It was a waste of money to pay for employees to travel and sit in training for a week and the teacher was horrible. It was a huge disappointment and no one at the company seemed to care. This instructor had a reputation of being terrible according to others in the class with our employees.”

The 5 Best Alternatives for CaseWare Cloud

Here are some other choices that may fill in the gaps when it comes to CaseWare’s shortcomings.

1. Jetpack Workflow

What is it?: Jetpack Workflow is a cloud-based accounting workflow hub or management solution that speeds up and automates operations for accounting firms and bookkeeping services.

jetpack workflow alternatives

Top Features: Some of Jetpack’s top features include pre-made templates and workflows designed specifically for accountants, capacity planning tools for efficiently allocating your team and resources, detailed reporting for a transparent workflow status, automation of deadlines, and job and task tracking.

It’s also important to note that Jetpack offers helpful webinars, training sessions, a knowledge base, a support crew, and even personalized setup and training.

Best For: Jetpack is best for bookkeeping services and accounting firms looking for dedicated workflow and project management.

Pricing: There are two unlimited pricing tiers. Both have the same features. However, the Scale plan includes capacity management and scheduling features. Pricing starts at $45/month and there is a 14-day free trial.

2. Canopy

What Is It?: Canopy is cloud-based accounting practice management software designed to streamline your firm’s business operations to increase efficiency and revenue.

Top Features: Top features include client management, document management, workflow tracking, time & billing, specialty compliance, CRM, and a client and billing portal.

Best For: Canopy is best for medium-sized accounting firms looking for an accounting practice management solution to organize their team, workload, and clients all under one platform.

Pricing: Pricing works based on which features you want to utilize. Document management start at $40 per user per month, adding workflows is another $35 per user per month, and adding time & billing to that is an additional $25 per user per month. For the CRM feature, you get 250 contacts for free, then pay for additional contacts in increments of 50 starting at $14 per month (plus an implementation fee). 

3. Financial Cents

What Is It?: Financial Cents is an accounting management software solution designed to manage staff, track deadlines, automate data collection, invoice clients, and track time.

Top Features: Some of its top features include workflow management, staff management, scenario planning, project management, client management, and a client portal.

Best For: Financial Cents is for accounting professionals who are looking to manage their staff, automate client data, track deadlines, invoice clients, track time, and store client information all in one place. 

Pricing:  Financial Cents has a monthly plan and an annual plan. The Team plan runs $49 a month per team member, and the annual plan runs $39 a month per team member. The Scale plan costs $69 a month per team member, and the annual plan runs $59 a month per team member.  They also offer a free trial.

4. Aero Workflow

What Is It?: Aero Workflow is an accounting management software that integrates procedures and processes into your tasks, making your firm more efficient and profitable.

Top Features: Some of Aero Workflow’s top features include time tracking, staff management, project management, due date tracking, and client management.

Best For: Aero Workflow is for small to mid-sized accounting professionals looking to consolidate processes and procedures in one platform. 

Pricing: Pricing runs $135 a month for 1-5 users, $250 a month for 6-25 users, and $365 a month for 26-50 users. They also offer a free trial.

5. Thomson Reuters Practice CS

What Is It?: Thomson Reuters Practice CS is cloud-based and on-premises accounting software designed for accountants by accountants to manage workflow processes.

Top Features: Thomson Reuters’ top features include time tracking, staff management, project management, forecasting, client management, and a client portal.

Best For: Thomson Reuters Practice CS is best for larger accounting firms who are looking for an accounting solution to manage workflow, payroll, auditing, taxes, and business operations.

Pricing: Pricing is not provided on their website, so you’ll need to contact their sales team to get pricing.

See Jetpack Worflow In Action

Get under the hood of Jetpack Workflow’s accounting workflow and project management platform. See some of the top features and how it helps your firm standardize, automate, and track client work more efficiently.