A bookkeeper’s job is relies on tracking profits and losses with precise management, seamlessly knowing which clients owe what and when it’s due as well as posting payments to others.

The system must remain in balance in order for the business (or businesses) being serviced to operate well. CRM for bookkeepers is extremely important in this respect as it helps bookkeepers to track each client’s debits and credits with impeccable precision.

Clean Up Your Systems

You don’t always have to make major changes in the way you do things to make improvements but better software for managing your clients makes CRM for bookkeepers a lot simpler. Start by cleaning up the systems you already use so that a change isn’t a trauma from which you’ll have to recover.

Look at the clients you already have, the ones that have been around for a long time and the ones that are newer, and ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to make those relationships better. Are you meeting all of your clients’ needs? Have any complaints been logged about your service? The tiniest discrepancy can become the only thing your clients remember even if the rest of your service is excellent.

Repair Neglected Relationships

It’s a common issue that long time clients can become neglected due to complacency. CRM for bookkeepers is not only about new clients but also refers to maintaining old relationships with loyal clients. Look back at your relationships with long time clients and ask yourself if they’ve become entries in your log books or if they’re real people about whom you know details that allow you to have conversations when they come in for a meeting.

When you know more about your clients, you can better keep track of the profit and loss entries concerning each one. The personal details may not always seem relevant but they can help you maintain efficiency in ways you never realized. For instance, if a client has a big family, you might know that they’ll have some cash flow issues around the holidays. This is one of many examples about how small personal details can help you do business better.

Build New Relationships

Once your current client relationships are strong and your systems have been cleaned up, it’s time to build new relationships and expand your client list. CRM for bookkeepers is the way you balance these new relationships with the ones you’ve already built. Bring in new people but don’t forget about the clients that have been loyal to you in the past. These people are the ones that can help you gain clients that build your business by providing testimonies about your efficiency and attention to detail.

The new clients will have reasons to trust you even though they’ve never worked with you before. As you build relationships with these clients, keep them in the systems you’ve created to manage clients so you’ll always know where they belong in your books and how to handle them.

Look Forward

Now your bookkeeping business is operating with pristine efficiency and CRM for bookkeepers is the norm in your office. Keep a positive environment in the office by rewarding those who use the systems correctly and maintain good relationships with clients. Track profits and losses of all the people on your team and catch discrepancies before they become real problems. These practices allow you to continue looking forward and build your business even further.

Improve Client Service All Around

Your clients don’t want to worry about the books you keep. Good CRM for bookkeepers means letting them know that things are working without boring them about the specifics. Some people want to hear about every detail, some of them want a general report and some want a middle ground. Learn about your clients and what they really want and you’ll always be able to talk to them with ease and make sure they are receiving the service they expect, or better.


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