Visualizing the progress

Making changes to your business can be hard on everyone at your firm. They might have done things one way for many years or even decades and when those things are suddenly different, they resist.

Workflow for accountants can be the perfect tool that helps your accountants ease into new policies and keep them working after the initial change happens. Give them what they need so that they want to do things the new way and your firm can become more efficient, bring in more business, and retain happy clients for many years to come.

  1. Introduce New Policies Gently

Before you decide to bring in workflow for accountants to implement new policy, you’ll have to introduce each one and explain why you’re changing things. This will help people understand the new way of doing things and give them more motivation to follow the policy.

Use a seminar or some other form of face-to-face contact to introduce new policy instead of an email or memo. If you use only text on a page, it can seem impersonal and give your accountants reasons to believe you’re implementing new policies without their thoughts and opinions in mind. Answer questions and consider the concerns of everyone who presents them. Let them air their grievances before they become problems.

  1. Use Step-by-Step Instruction

Talk about new policy in detail and the ways that it will change your firm. Use step-by-step instruction to tell employees how workflow for accountants will affect everyday operations. Make the steps fun and positive to keep good morale going during the changes that will occur. Instead of talking about only numbers, let people know how the new policies will improve the way things are done throughout the firm in each department.

  1. Support Your Employees Through Change

One of the best ways to make sure that new policies are followed long after they’re implemented is to provide adequate support. Workflow for accountants gives you reports that can help you track the progress of each accountant in your firm and assign them task lists and reminders to keep them on the right track. You’ll be able to provide better support in the weeks and months after new policies are implemented to everyone who needs it even if they don’t think to ask.

  1. Reassure Clients

Your employees aren’t the only ones who will notice that things are changing at your firm. Clients can also be resistant to change or afraid that they won’t receive the same standard of service that they have in the past.

Upload your client lists to your workflow for accountants software and tag the important ones for VIP treatment. Make sure that the loyal clients who have stayed with you want to continue to keep coming back. Use your software correctly and you’ll be able to even give them better service than ever. Give them reasons to enjoy the new policies and to tell all their friends how well your firm handles their accounts.

  1. Streamline Your Office

Implementing new policy is a great time to reorganize your office and streamline the way everything is done. After you’ve uploaded your client lists, go through and close the accounts that are no longer relevant. Reconnect with clients who don’t come in very often. Use your workflow for accountants software to give your employees the tools to make things easier in every aspect of the office. When you bring out new policies, show them the other ways that things have been reorganized so that they can get used to everything at once.

Celebrate The Changes

After your employees get used to workflow for accountants and the process of change is working well, celebrate your success. Use positive reinforcement and reward those who keep things running the way you want. Track progress with charts and post the results to encourage a little bit of friendly competition. All in all, stay on top of the good things that changes bring with employees and clients. You’ll be happy with the results if you keep motivation up and keep everyone else happy as well.

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