Hey Free Folk!

(BTW Game of Thrones is back!)

This makes three months in a row for updates, so call us butter because we’re on a roll.

July was surprisingly rainy here in Pittsburgh but we are in for a good stretch of bright weather in August. Believe it or not, we actually got the A/C situation figured out in our offices so no more coats indoors!

July was a month for the Assign to Client feature. It’s brand new functionality in the app, and written into the very backbone of our company now. Our developers did an awesome job with it! Check it out below.

We also spent July redesigning the client profile screen in app. You can’t see that yet but you will soon!


New stuff we created just for you!

  • We turned on the Assign to Client functionality with Email Notifications (this was a huge feature)!
  • No more need for a task dependency to send a hand off email! Just go here:
  • We created setup jobs for non-owners, that are tailored to their use of Jetpack Workflow. Now your employees should be able to check off these jobs immediately after you create their accounts to ease their transition into the software.
  • The metrics report filters have been updated so that when you select dates to filter on, you will see all jobs that been completed or are due between the chosen dates.
  • Pendo script added — this is a new tool you will see us use in the coming month to help educate you on new features.
  • We’ve made lots of progress on the New UI for the Client Profile (you can’t see this one yet but you will soon)!
  • There’s a new and improved client import from QBO into Jetpack.
  • New Logo!


Things we did to improve the existing app:

  • Fixed an issue with recurrences and extensions
  • Fixed a typo in default email template
  • Fixed a session timed out issue
  • Outlook calendar integration will now fetch all calendar events for selected date range
  • Dashboard stats now only take into account jobs that the user has permission to view
  • Fix date math so that, when filtering by custom dates for due date, tasks showing up on the correct date
  • Code Clean Up
  • Ruby Gem Updates


And these are a few things that we’re working on now, and should be releasing soon-ish.  We can’t say when though!

  • Updates to the client profile screen
  • Updates to the design of the rest of the app too!

Ok, that’s everything we want to announce for July. As always folks, we are here for you. If you need help, just reach out!
Your success is our success and we need your help to help make you more successful.
Email us at support@jetpackworkflow.com or call 888 445 3735 XT 700

Happy August!

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