Learn to Create Schedules That Work with a Task Tracker for Accountants

remember about punctualityA business that runs well is one that puts the top people in the best positions and this is where scheduling becomes extremely important. Last week, we talked about how you can use workflow software to prepare your business for anything and here you can learn to create schedules that help you execute those plans by using a task tracker for accountants to put the right people into positions that can give them time to train others and keep all of your clients happy.
  1. Unpredictability
You’re not going to be able to predict everything that happens in your business. Even after you prepare for everything, some things may still happen that you never saw coming but if you have people in place that can handle tough situations, they can assist you when things go awry. Use your task tracker to see who is good with the more demanding clients and who the clients like dealing with most. Try to keep one of those people in the office or on call all the time so there is always someone around who makes them comfortable when something happens they didn’t expect.
  1. Staffing a New Business
If your business is brand new, you may not have the information that comes with the reports derived from a task tracker for accountants. In this case, you’ll have to rely on credentials to staff your business in the beginning. Try to bring on people you’ve had first hand experience with or who come recommended by trusted colleagues. A new business needs a strong foundation and the first employees you hire as well as the first schedules you make up will set the tone for how things go from then on.
  1. Create Clear Policy
A desk full of notes or an e-mail full of scheduling requests isn’t efficient for anyone. Use your task tracker for accountants to remind your employees to update their availability regularly. You can also create a policy about requests for time off, sick days, personal days, and any other instance where a person will need to be out of the office. If the rules are clear, your employees have the guidance they need and you have the points of reference necessary to be fair.
  1. Resolving Problems
Unpredictability exists in the personal lives of your employees as well is in your business. When problems with scheduling arise, have a plan in place to resolve these issues without causing a scene. If someone seems agitated, pull them aside or make an appointment for a private discussion away from the other employees. This saves you from unnecessary drama and saves the employee from embarrassment after they’ve calmed down. If you’re unsure about offending someone in order to solve a problem, ask a human resources representative to be present during the conversation as well. This is also where clear policy helps you avoid letting issues escalate.
  1. Reorganize a Chaotic System
When things get really busy, it’s easy for even the most well structured system to become chaotic. The holidays, family emergencies, childbirth, and many other things in life can cause scheduling chaos that turns your current policy upside down. Reorganize the things that fall apart by catching the inconsistencies in the beginning. Use your task tracker for accountants to keep employees on point and assign projects to those who don’t have the time and the extra slack will be picked up quickly. Reward Excellence One of the best ways to build a better business is to positively recognize those who go the extra mile. When there are extra projects to be done and employees help you keep your clients happy, they’re moving your business forward and setting a good example for everyone else in the office. Your task tracker for accountants can generate reports that show you what’s going on with your employees and you can use this information to reward excellence. Positive energy drives everyone to do better and solves more problems than you’ll ever know!

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