Are you missing out on your most profitable clients?

There’s a lot of buzz that goes on how to market, grow, and scale your firm.

But one of the most overlooked areas of growth comes from your current clients 

Why is this?

Because your current clients already know and trust your firm. 

Far too often we get into the trap of thinking “more more more” but we miss the biggest opportunity of getting more out of what we already got. 

Here are questions you need to be asking yourself regarding your existing client base:

1. Do they know about all the services we provide?
2. How often do we connect with them to provide relevant, meaningful education content (to stay top of mind)?
3. Are there any other services or products they purchase that we could provide (or partner with existing firms or companies to refer)?
4. Do we have referral systems in place for our existing clients?
5. Do we solicit feedback, reviews, and testimonials from our clients?
Perhaps the most overlooked, and critically important question is #1.
Because this is THE low hanging fruit to growing your firm 

How To Address New Clients On All Your Services

The best time to mention all the services you provide is when a new client comes on board.

The reason is because you will have their attention 

Trying to chase them down afterwards to get their attention is much more difficult.

Now, I can hear the inner skeptic saying “Well I don’t want to spend all this time talking about services they didn’t even show interest in!!”

Not to worry 🙂

When you introduce all the services you provide that might be relevant to them, your goal is to give an overview.

Do NOT dive into what each one entails unless they ask questions.

So a sample script might look like:
“Well John (client name), we’re really excited to have you on board. I know you’ll be very happy having us as your trusted advisor for your returns (service item). I also wanted to spend 2 minutes and just go over other services, not because we think you’ll want to invest in them now, but we’ve found that it’s helpful to know, as you grow, we also offer  A B C D and E service, and work with preferred, well-vetted partners that are experienced in A B and C. Does that make sense? “

(Hand them a one page on additional services and services you have trusted referral partners for)

“This is a one pager in case you have a need to refer back to what we offer- again, you need not feel obligated to use us, but as a courtesy, we want you to know that we’re happy to help every step of the way… even if you just need another person as a sounding board or have a question about another service. Does that sound good? “


This 2-minute conversation (plus one piece of paper), literally costs you next to nothing.
But you’ve position your firm as a trusted advisor, who they can both:

1. Ask questions to
2. Reach out to for additional services or opinions of other services.
3. And come back to for other services they now know you provide

Happy Accounting 🙂

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