OfficeTools is an accounting practice management solution used by several accounting firms. However, their feature-rich platform often presents firm owners with more issues than advantages. 

If you’re looking for a more streamlined and efficient practice management or accounting workflow management tool, there are other options on the market. 

This article highlights 7 fantastic OfficeTools alternatives that accounting professionals can consider when they’re ready to make the switch. 

Shortcomings of OfficeTools

First, let’s begin by covering some of the main drawbacks users experience with OfficeTools.

One ongoing issue users point to is the platform’s complexity and frequent slowness. Some of the other chief complaints OfficeTools users express include the following:

  • The many features make getting up to speed on the platform overwhelming and can often slow the program down. 
  • Some users wish they could pay only for the features they use, given so many available on the platform go unused. 
  • The platform isn’t as user-friendly as some of the other options on the market. 
  • The online tools, tutorials, and training for OfficeTools could be more robust and up to date on current features. 
  • For most users, price hikes resulting from recent mergers aren’t equal to the value added. 

The Top 7 OfficeTools Alternatives

If you’re seeking an alternative to OfficeTools, we’ve selected 7 similar platforms to consider. We assess each platform individually based on its main features, pricing, and who it’s best suited for, beginning with our accounting workflow solution, Jetpack Workflow. 

1. Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow is accounting workflow software with powerful project management capabilities that helps firm owners maintain efficiency and visibility even as they scale.

Jetpack Workflow Dashboard
  • Top features: Easily set up workflows and helpful checklists, gain better visibility over what your team is working on and when, and automate important tasks and deadlines to keep crucial items from being overlooked. Users can simultaneously assign tasks to clients and get a clear view of upcoming work to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 
  • Who it’s for: Jetpack Workflow is for ambitious accounting firms, CPAs, and bookkeepers needing to simplify and automate tasks and workflows so they always hit important deadlines while their practice grows. 
Progress Report Tab Jetpack Workflow
  • Pricing: You can start with a 14-day free trial for both the Organize and Scale plans. With annual billing, the Organize plan starts at $45/user per month, and the Scale plan costs $49/user per month with additional capabilities for capacity management and team scheduling. 
  • Final word: Jetpack Workflow isn’t a practice management tool like OfficeTools. However, the software offers many overlapping features to help firm owners simplify and organize their accounting workflows and project management. Rather than paying for more than you need with an all-in-one tool, Jetpack Workflow is an affordable platform that includes all the essential features you need to automate recurring work, keep track of team progress, and stay organized with client work. 

2. TaxDome

TaxDome is a comprehensive practice management solution for accountants, tax professionals, and bookkeepers wanting to manage their back-office and client-facing operations in one platform. 

  • Top features: Useful features include workflow automation, e-signature collection, reporting, customizable CRM and client portal, document management, invoicing, and more. 
  • Who it’s for: TaxDome is for accounting or bookkeeping firms of any size seeking a centralized location for managing their operations and client information. It allows firm owners to streamline their administrative tasks. 
  • Pricing: The TaxDome Lite plan is $33/month when billed annually. This plan is best for sole proprietors looking for a custom client portal and other basic features. TaxDome Pro starts at $50/user per month (billed annually) and includes more advanced features like task automation and online payments. 
  • Final word: TaxDome offers firms an all-in-one tool for managing administrative tasks and client details. 

However, the platform’s features and capabilities can be overwhelming for firms only needing to access a few key tools, which could result in a steep learning curve and time investment when getting started. 

3. Karbon

Karbon is a practice management tool that helps local and remote teams collaborate better with seamless information-sharing capabilities. 

  • Top features: This cloud-based platform helps firms automate client data collection and facilitates quicker onboarding. It also has features for task automation, document management and storage, and seamless integration with many other platforms. 
  • Who it’s for: Designed for medium and large-sized companies collaborating across different locations, teams, and departments. 
  • Pricing: Karbon’s three plans are Team, Business, and Enterprise. The Team plan is $59/user per month, and the Business plan is $79/user per month (both when billed annually). The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing to accommodate larger teams that require more comprehensive service. 
  • Final word: Karbon’s strength is its collaboration capabilities, which support larger firms sharing information across multiple locations and departments. However, the user interface and setup experience can be clunky. Also, users need to pay for customer support, which may deter small firms that want more assistance. 

4. Financial Cents

Financial Cents is an accounting workflow and practice management tool that offers firms a bird’s-eye view of their operations with custom reporting and task automation. 

  • Top features: Users enjoy robust client management tools and convenient capabilities for time tracking, invoicing, workflow management, and more to deliver client work on time. 
  • Who it’s for: Accounting firms seeking comprehensive practice management software to manage client information and workflows, stay on top of team progress, and meet deadlines. 
  • Pricing: There is just one plan at $39/user per month with annual billing or $49/user per month with monthly billing. 
  • Final word: Financial Cents is an all-in-one tool that can help accounting firms manage team productivity and client details in one platform. However, growing firms may need a software program with more advanced reporting features and integrations to support their operations as they scale. 

5. Thomson Reuters Practice CS

Practice CS is a practice management solution that helps accounting firms manage their back-end administrative workflows. 

  • Top features: CS Practice has a helpful dashboard with a real-time view of client projects. Firms can use convenient tools like employee time tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more.
  • Who it’s for: This platform is most beneficial for bookkeeping and accounting firms needing help streamlining their back end and organizing their administrative work. 
  • Pricing: You have to contact Thomson Reuters for pricing information. 
  • Final word: Practice CS is a helpful tool for managing administrative workflows with greater efficiency. However, firms wanting software with more robust project management and workflow automation capabilities need to look elsewhere. Also, the platform’s clunky and outdated design may not appeal to growing firms.  

6. Keeper

Keeper is a practice management tool assisting bookkeepers in organizing their back-end and client-facing tasks in one platform. 

  • Top features: Some of the best features on Keeper include a CRM system, document management, custom reporting, integrated tools for client communication, time tracking, KPI tracking, and integrations with commonly-used business applications. 
  • Who it’s for: Though built specifically for bookkeepers to manage client work, small accounting firms can also take advantage of the platform’s features. Keeper users can gain better visibility into a project’s progress and have a centralized location for storing and managing all information relevant to their practice. 
  • Pricing: There is a 14-day free trial for the Standard and Premium plans. Firms need to select the appropriate package that supports the number of clients they have. The Standard plan is $8/client per month, and the Premium plan is $10/client per month. 
  • Final word: This platform stands out due to its ease of use, quick setup, and affordable pricing, which is congruent with business volume. That said, the platform could have better client file organization features. Some firm owners may find the capabilities too simplistic to support a growing practice. 

7. CCH iFirm

Provided by Wolters Kluwer, CCH iFirm is a cloud-based project management solution for accountants to manage all aspects of their practices. 

  • Top features: CCH iFirm offers numerous helpful features like an online payment portal, invoice management, time tracking, and project and workflow management. Convenient automation capabilities and compatible integrations help accounting firms manage client work, billing, and employees from one tool. 
  • Who it’s for: Accounting firms of any size can use CCH iFirm to organize their internal operations and simplify client-facing tasks, making both more efficient. 
  • Pricing: Firms can purchase the Client Portal plan for $575 or the Practice Manager for $640. You can get both with the CCH iFirm Suite for $1,020 plus a setup fee of $124.50. Firms pay $165 for each additional user or $385 to add three users. There is an extra fee to purchase 5GB of storage. 
  • Final word: CCH iFirm is a powerful all-in-one practice management tool for firms to streamline client-facing tasks, workflows, and administrative work. However, the high price point is a limiting factor, and the platform navigation could be more intuitive and user-friendly. 

Ready to Upgrade from OfficeTools?

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