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Edward Mendlowitz, Partner at WithumSmith + Brown, knows how to grow your accounting firm. For 50 years, he built up his own firm to later merge it with a larger accounting firm. Ed Mendlowitz has written 16 books (and counting!), hundreds of articles, and is a frequent speaker for organizations like AICPA,NJSCPA, NYSSCPA and many,… Read more »

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[images style=”2″ image=”” width=”1200″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ alt_text=”The%20Core%20Elements%20of%20an%20Accounting%20Lifecycle%20-%20JPWF” full_width=”Y”] Do you find your marketing efforts falling short? Perhaps we need to deconstruct what “marketing” actually means. Within every firm, you can look at an accounting client’s lifecycle for your top performers. An accounting client’s lifecycle takes the 1 dimension view of marketing, and creates a robust, multi-dimension… Read more »

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Oh referrals… The bread basket and key lead generation method for so many of us. Yet, even though most rely over 80% of their marketing efforts on referrals, are you doing enough to systemically build them in your business? Here are two simple techniques you can literally implement today. Will they immediately generate referrals? Maybe…(they’ve… Read more »