The Difference Between High ROI Websites for Accountants vs Those That Just Waste Money

Ever wonder how some accounting firm websites bring in leads while others flounder with ZERO ROI?
Your website is “main” street in your marketplace. Almost all of your clients and prospects will be searching online to learn more, and unlike sites like google places, yelp, or any other similar service, with a website, you get to control the content, presentation, and most importantly, how effective your accounting firm website is at bringing leads in.

This isn’t something that needs to cost thousands of dollars… you can actually get a best practice website for $1,000-$2,000 (depending on how many pages or tabs you want), but YOU need to direct the website developer on which elements you want.

But ultimately, the biggest mistake I see Accountants and Bookkeepers make with their accounting firm website is that they go after “right now” buyers. 
Which, when you think about, is always a small minority of your prospects. Yet, just like you, before they make a decision, they like to go into “research mode”. This is where they gather facts, compare services and firms, look at testimonials and reviews, and more. So all the marketing dollars are spent on “contact us now” type of ads, when the majority of prospects want to be educated and nurtured through the decision process. 

So in order to maximize your marketing dollars, you need to setup up your accounting firm website that speaks to the “right now” buyer, but also educates the “research mode” prospect. This could be in the way of a free course delivered via email, a free PDF they have to opt in to download, or a free webinar they could attend.

How To Get Leads from Your Accounting Firm Website Free Training Video:

In today’s training, we cover:
+ The 7 “Must Have” Accounting Firm Website elements you need to in order to get real business from your website 
+ Why and how 99.9% of websites (and your competitors) waste their marketing dollars (and how you can take advantage of it)
+ How to setup a Homepage that gets leads (as oppose to just readers you never hear from again)
and much more

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