Interested in learning more about Karbon? Below you will find a full review with an overview of the software, a detailed explanation about some of the core features, pricing information, and how it compares to Jetpack Workflow to help you better understand the services they offer.  

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What is Karbon Software?

Karbon task & workflow management is a workflow management application, focused on accounting professionals. The goal of Karbon task & workflow management is to help accounting firms track all of their client work and staff with as much automation as possible. 

Unique to Karbon, their focus is to allow clients to be a part of the workflow system. Meaning the clients are also aware of tasks and what actions they need to take to help you do your job better. Here are some more components of Karbon software:

Email Triage

Managing emails is a huge time commitment. Karbon understands this and has created a system to help you better manage your flow of emails. With Karbon’s software, you can have all emails enter into a single repository to be assigned out as work comes on. This is the main screen you see upon logging in, making it easily accessible within your dashboard. 

Client Management

Inside of Karbon software, you can manage client information and client work. They also provide a feature that automatically collects new client data, if it’s available, which eliminates some of the steps you would normally have to take. Finally, there is a feature that allows you to zoom in and out of the profiles to track client work, creating an easily accessible client management system. 

Team Management

Through Karbon’s kanban view, you can track team progress to see who’s assigned to which tasks/projects. This provides a great overview of all of the working pieces within your team.

Job/Project Management

Inside of each job or project in Karbon software, you can add tasks so each staff member is aware of what they should be working on. On an individual level, this will keep your team members focused and working towards the appropriate tasks. Although it’s a common feature for many workflow platforms, Karbon includes recurring task generation which can be set to monthly/quarterly/annual tasks.

Document Storage

With easy access in mind, Karbon provides storage for your reports, spreadsheets, and docs in the same place as your workflow process. Essentially, all you have to do is log in to your Karbon account to find all of the working pieces to optimize your workflow. 

Onboarding onto Karbon

The initial process for making the shift from no workflow program to Karbon can be time-consuming. That said, once everything is integrated, Karbon quickly becomes a supportive tool. 

To get you started, they provide detailed video tutorials, group onboarding, assisted setup, or a completely hands-off onboarding service, should you choose that route. 

Unfortunately, Karbon is known for a slightly overwhelming calendar and email integration process. This can be costly for people in the accounting space considering these tools are incredibly important for success. 

Customer Service

Upon viewing Karbon’s website, you’re quickly met with a chat option in the bottom right-hand corner. Should you need any assistance, this is their preferred method. That chat is typically very responsive and even offers an estimated response time. 

Not only is there a chat box available to answer any questions you may have, but they also offer an extensive resource center on their website. Here you can find everything from articles and guides to help you maximize your business to ebooks chalked full of valuable growth practices to virtual events to help you better understand Karbon and everything it offers. 


Karbon offers a slightly complicated pricing plan. You’ll first choose your tier: Team, Business, or Enterprise. From there, the price is per person.

Team Tier

In the Team tier, you can expect to pay $49/month, per user, if you pay annually (the price is higher if you pay monthly). This is “for smaller teams looking to consolidate workflows into an integrated collaboration platform.” 

This plan includes:

  • Integrated Email
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Workflow and To-Do Lists

Business Tier

Within the Business tier, which Karbon says is their most popular, each user is $69/month when you pay annually. Karbon boasts this tier is “perfect for teams needing workflow automation to increase efficiency, visibility, and centralize collaboration.” 

This plan includes everything in the Team tier and also offers:

  • Automatic Client Reminders
  • Task Automation
  • Industry Integrations
  • Budget vs Actual Reporting

Enterprise Tier

The Enterprise tier is custom pricing based on your firm and the rate at which it scales. As described by Karbon, this tier is “for enterprise teams of 20 to 2000 who need full-service onboarding, customization, and a premium platform to collaborate at scale.”

This plan includes everything in the Team and Business tier and also offers:

  • An Enterprise Platform
  • Full-Service Onboarding
  • Dedicated Karbon Contact
  • Scalable Volume Pricing

Once you’ve selected your tier, you’re able to add as many people to your plan as you wish, however, if you’re operating with more than a few accountants, your total cost will add up quickly.

Comparing Karbon to Jetpack Workflow

Like Karbon, Jetpack Workflow offers a variety of tools to help your firm run smoothly and save you from the stress of deadlines. Our goal is to provide a “workflow software that lets you rest easy.” 

Here are some of the tools Jetpack Workflow provides:

  • A template builder that allows you to organize and standardize your checklists.
  • A scheduling tool that lets you schedule tasks to automatically repeat so that you don’t miss any important deadlines.
  • An easily accessible dashboard that lets you filter, sort, and search your jobs.
  • A page where you can find all of your, and your staff’s, upcoming tasks.
  • A progress report explaining what’s been done and what’s coming so that you can make a plan for the future.

With regular webinars and training sessions, and the option for personalized setup training, making the switch from no workflow assistance to Jetpack Workflow is rather smooth, in fact with the help of Zapier, connecting your current tools to Jetpack Workflow is simple. 

Like Karbon, Jetpack Workflow offers a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of our webpage. Additionally, we offer phone and email support. 

Jetpack Workflow also has an extensive library of informative articles and even hosts a podcast called “Growing Your Firm,” where the CEO and Founder of Jetpack Workflow interviews firm owners about the driving forces behind how they’ve scaled their firms. 

Unlike Karbon, Jetpack Workflow runs on a two-tier pricing system: Organize and Scale. Organize is $36/user per month when billed annually, while Scale includes all Organize features plus capacity planning and team scheduling management and is billed $39/user per month when billed annually. 
When selecting a workflow software — whether Karbon, Jetpack, or another system — we believe it’s important to keep your options open and select one that works best for you and your firm. Click here to learn more about Karbon or click here to try Jetpack Workflow for free for 14 days, and discover the many ways we can help your firm run more smoothly.

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