Review: Karbon Practice Management Software

What to learn what is Karbon HQ and review of Karbon Task management? This article will go into what is Aero Workflow, and some of the core features, pricing, and overview of Aero Workflow karbon-hq-software-task

What is Karbon Software ? Overview and Review

Karbon Task & workflow management is a workflow management application, focused on accounting professionals. The goal ofKarbon Task & workflow management is to help accounting firms track all their client work and staff. Here are some core features that go into Karbon software
  1. Email Triage: With Karbon, you can have all emails enter into a single repository to be assigned out as work comes on. This is the main screen you see upon logging in.
  2. Client management: Inside of Karbon software, you can manage client information and client work. You can zoom in and out of the profiles to track client work
  3. Team management: Through Karbon's kanban view, you can track team progress to see who is assign which tasks / project
  4. Job / Project management: Inside of each job or project in Karbon software, you can add the tasks so that each staff knows what to work
Karbon comes with google and outlook email integration. Karbon Pricing: Karbon pricing is $75/mo per user, or $50/mo per user when pre paid yearly. For latest pricing details, please see Karbon's main site. Questions to ask vendors: It's important to always define your goal with any tool or software. The expected ROI, what you need in terms of support and setup, and if possible, a free trial of any tool you use. For example, if you have a technology director at your firm, support and training might not be as important, but if that role is not filled, success training will be critical. Likewise, you want to make sure the tool has a high probability of success in your firm, so ideally you'd want a free trial. Have questions about Karbon Software? You can always visit their site at If you're looking for a workflow solution, you can also start one at

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