Managers and owners of firms that use Quickbooks often encourage employees to take initiative and do more within the firm but in some cases, this could mean stepping on the toes of other departments.

You can stop these conflicts before they happen by defining clear roles within your firm and using workflow software for accountants to make information available and enforce job descriptions if and when conflicts occur. This kind of compartmentalization allows for rules and regulations that guide employees to make the right decisions while still encouraging autonomy.

Is This Necessary For You?

Many leaders at firms may ask themselves if this is really a necessary change to be made. The firm runs well, everyone knows each other, and it’s like your own little family. While this may be true, you should always be looking forward toward expansion and adding new people to the team. Workflow software for accountants can make these changes happen seamlessly so that when new people come in, the firm doesn’t look chaotic while everyone is trying to adjust.

New accountants may fall into a rhythm at your firm quickly and this gives them the comfort to develop leadership skills and take the initiative in projects and with clients but that can cause problems with senior accountants. If there are clear rules about what each job entails and when it’s okay to stretch the limits, then new employees are less likely to butt heads with senior staff.

The Office Hierarchy

We all like to pretend that everyone is equal and it’s a good idea to treat them this way socially and of course to respect fellow employees. The hierarchy and different tiers of experience should still exist at your firm, and pretending that these things don’t exist is how conflicts arise. Embrace the office hierarchy and foster an environment where respect is the norm within this structure.

Use reports generated by workflow software for Quickbooks to understand which team members at your firm perform the best and belong in the top tier. Instead of making it seem like these people are better than everyone else you can use positive reinforcement and encouragement to inspire the next tier of employees to look up to the top performers and so on down the line. This means that the leaders of the firm will train the people at the level below them. The hierarchy becomes a teaching tool and may even create healthy competition that drives growth.

Include Senior Staff

The top performers at your firm are the ones you’d trust the most with autonomy and when you’re not able to be there, these people are the ones that run your business for you. It makes sense, then, that they get a say in defining roles for the people they’ll be teaching. If they’re going to be showing new people what to do, they have to know exactly what they’ll be showing in the first place. Including them also lets them know that you have respect for them and that respect solidifies their place among others as senior staff.

Recognize Top Performers All Around

Senior staff is imperative to your firm but good leaders should also be able to recognize other standout accountants on the team. Use workflow software for accountants to send reminders that motivate people who are moving up. Give them the positive energy they need to go the extra mile and keep doing more to develop their skills.

Reassure Clients During Change

Workflow software for Quickbooks can make transitions simpler at your firm but the clients will still notice that things are changing. Any kind of change can make clients nervous so it’s important to reassure them during any reconstruction period that things are stable. If you have to change which accountants are dealing with certain clients, try to do it gradually and let the previous accountant sit in on meetings and aid the transition as it’s happening.

Even if things get chaotic at your firm, it’s important not to show any instability. Your clients are trusting you with their finances and their livelihood. Make sure they have reasons to continue doing so and you’ll end up with a framework for any changes that happen in the future due to growth.

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