We’ve all experienced rivalries at work or dealt with a nemesis whether it was all in our heads or a real vendetta. This kind of competition in the workplace has fostered many a hostile environment and promotes negative behaviors among employees. However, it’s not the only kind of competition that can occur in the workplace. Let’s face it, rivalries are always going to exist but if you turn them positive you can make them work for you instead of against everyone.

The tools available from workflow software for Quickbooks allow managers and partners to foster a sense of healthy competition in the workplace that gives employees reasons to build each other up and work together to help the firm grow.

What Kind of Competition is Positive?

There is no magic formula for creating a competition that never turns bad. It all depends on the attitudes of your employees. Build a community of accountants that act positively toward each other and you’ll be building a foundation for healthy competition. You can use workflow software for Quickbooks to promote this attitude by adding fun things to the calendars, sneak positive remarks into task lists, and always use language that promotes a positive attitude.

Methods of Promoting Positive Attitudes

Some of the things you can add to memos, task lists, and calendar events are very simple and can inspire others in the office to follow your lead. Try adding a line in different task lists and reminders each day such as:

Make a fellow employee smile today!
Do something to brighten your neighbor’s day!
Leave a funny note on your neighbor’s desk.
Attached is an amusing cat photo. Place it somewhere in the office that will make at least three people laugh.
Tomorrow, bring in a homemade treat to share at morning meaning.

These are examples to play off of but you should cater each reminder or task to the people at your firm. Give them prompts to engage with each other in positive ways and foster an environment where people are always smiling.

Make Competitions Fun

A healthy competition is always fun and that means making it a game that people will enjoy while they’re engaged in it. For instance, provide the accountants at your firm with nerf guns or squirt pistols. When one person brings in a new client, they get extra ammo or a better toy to use against the others. The accountants will have a fun time trying to tag and sneak up on each other.

Another way to make competitions fun is to use the points earned in a competitive office game (like the one mentioned before about bringing in new clients) and use them to gain an advantage at the next office sports endeavor. Many offices have softball, basketball, or other games that they play against each other or other firms. These competitions can be a fun way to gain extra points or other creative advantages at the next game.

Track Progress and Motivate

A competition can start off with gusto but then quickly lose momentum unless you continue to motivate the employees involved. Use workflow software for Quickbooks and the tools from Quickbooks online (QBO) to track employees and provide regular updates about where each person stands in the competition.

This keeps the competition going and, if you are sure to use positive motivation, also helps foster a healthy competitive environment. The potential for growth among employees and for your firm is exponential. Before you know it, the accountants at your firm will be working harder and better for the firm and to win the next competition.

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