The Systems Essential to Accounting Firm Growth

Recast Episode: This episode was originally published on November 23, 2017, but it’s a favorite among our Growing Your Firm Podcast community, so we’re bringing it back. Comment below to tell us if you’ve been listening to the podcast since the original airing of this episode.



  • Determining Your Business Needs
  • Hire an Admin
  • Systems Essential for Growth

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Meet Adi Klevit

Adi Klevit is the cofounder of Business Success Consulting Group. She’s been in the consulting field for roughly 24 years now, but brought Business Success Consulting Group to life about 10 years ago.

The goal of the business is to help small to medium-sized businesses with managing their processes and systems. Essentially, Adi is building an infrastructure that when implemented, will help firms grow.

In this episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast, Adi uses her industry knowledge to explain the three primary things a firm needs to grow.

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Determining Your Business Needs

Adi says the first thing every firm needs to do is assess its current situation. This means pinpointing weak spots and identifying areas where bottlenecking or inefficiencies are occurring.

Most of the time, clients find issues in these areas:

  • Team member and/or client onboarding
  • Undocumented training
  • Team members who are not on the same page

Once you’ve found these weaker areas, you can then narrow them down to specific problems and begin searching for a solution. Oftentimes, the solution is to fix or layout a process that can easily be completed and move smoothly through each task.

According to Adi, systemizing your processes on your own is the hardest part, that’s where Business Success Consulting Group steps in. They help you find the weak points and implement systems to improve them. However, this can be a long process depending on the state of your business and how much time you have for admin tasks.

Hire an Admin

Adi’s next, and probably most important piece of advice, is to hire an admin. She recommends running a capacity analysis to determine whether or not you are in need of an admin or if unsolidified processes are soaking up your time.

If hiring an admin is in the cards, do it. This way they can spend time nailing down processes while you spend time working on billable hours.

Once the admin is on board, if you begin to struggle with staying afloat, consider directing some of their attention to marketing. This will free up your time and turn it into an ROI.

Adi says it’s all about balance. Calculate how much money you need to earn or what you need to do to keep an admin and then build a process for doing so.

Systems Essential for Growth

Adi offered one final piece of advice for listeners: If you have to select just one management system to grow your firm, consider implementing a client/task management system. (Luckily for us, she recommends Jetpack Workflow!)

She says with the help of a client management system, you have a central location to outline all of your processes.

To see how effective a system like this would be, try tracking KPIs like:

  • Number of clients
  • Client retention
  • Number of new clients
  • Task efficiency

Adi offered these tips and went into even more detail throughout the podcast! Be sure to listen to the full episode above for more ways to grow your firm!

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32 Free accounting workflow templates

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