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You’ve signed up for all the official mailing lists from the IRS, and you get regular emails from your state’s revenue department with updates. You might leaf through the annual tax guide from ADP.  You read news stories on tax issues and pending regulations. Accounting is your life (and a lot of your media consumption).

But between the long hours and attempting to have a life outside of work, it’s hard to fit in all the research. With the advent of the podcast and the medium’s explosion in popularity in recent years, you can easily fit in a little bit of research while still finding time to workout or drive to the office.

Here are some the best accounting podcasts to queue up, whether you’re more interested in studying for you CPA exam, or you have entrepreneurship dreams:

1. Growing Your Firm

Of course our podcast is our favorite (or we wouldn’t keep producing it!). However even though we’re a little biased, it doesn’t mean that we’re off base. 

Hosted by Jetpack Workflow CEO, David Cristello, Growing Your Firm is dedicated to expanding accounting firms – in-person and virtual – that are looking for more efficient ways to run their accounting practice and increase their profitability. Guests have experience with running and building firms from the ground up and are amazingly open about sharing their experience and tips.

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2. Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Focusing on accounting professionals including CFOs, controllers, and accountants, this podcast addresses issues for people operating at various levels of their organization. The snackable-sized episodes (most are under 10 minutes) allow you to get a few useful tips from each episode without eating up too much of your time.

Account Best Practices with Steve Braggs dives into diverse topics such as best practices, internal controls, and accounting management.

3. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is best known for their writing and print media. With articles spanning the entire gamut of accounting issues, Accounting Today knows its subject matter and audience well. Their podcasts brings the same journalistic standard to accounting topics in a more manageable podcast format.

Their episodes are generally 10-30 minutes and cover topics thoroughly – although it might take more than one sitting to listen to the entire podcast.

4. The Accounting Influencers Podcast

This podcast is a bit meta. Think of it as a podcast of those that podcast. This series can introduce you to new and less well-known podcasts and influencers in the accounting field. 

If you’re looking for something new or a fresh take on the field, this is a great place to start your search. The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a series of interviews with accountants who have a broad range of backgrounds and share their experiences in the field of accounting and in social media. 

5. Life Beyond the Numbers

It’s no secret, accounts are often very focused on the numbers. This podcast seeks to rectify that situation by focusing on the human side of the equation. Topics include key issues such as people management, client management, and building relationships with an accounting focus. Also addressed are self-care issues for accountants such as time management and work-life balance.

6. Journal of Accountancy

The Journal of Accountancy is known for their deep dives into accounting topics and authoritative articles on complex accounting issues. Though this may not be the most fun podcast on our list, it’s one of the most useful and thorough podcasts.

Most episodes are 10-15 minutes long and are often easier to understand than the accompanying articles. For complex topics, having the option to both listen and read the guidance from thought leaders is priceless.

7. Thriveal

With over 125 episodes made to date, this accounting podcast definitely has staying power. This podcast focuses on current developments in the accounting industry including best practices for starting up new firms and new technologies to help your firm run more efficiently. With a sense of humor, this podcast brings some fun to the often stodgy field of accounting.

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8. Another71

The website, Another71, was founded by a CPA examine candidate that was frustrated by narrowly missing the passing score several times. The website and the podcast both focus on people breaking into the accounting field and CPA candidates working hard to pass their exams. The episodes include interviews with successful accountants and explore various career paths available to accountants.

9. AccounTrends

AccounTrends is focused on breaking news affecting the accounting profession. Recent topics include the tax and accounting treatment of cryptocurrency and how hybrid workplace policies have affected the accounting field. The episodes usually run approximately 30 minutes and do a deep dive on interesting topics so save this one for when you have a little more time on your hands.

10. The Successful Bookkeeper

Though a lot of the podcasts on our list focus on accounting, tax, payroll, and auditing, this podcast is meant for the professional bookkeeper. With tips and tricks on how to build your firm, work efficiently, and deal with client issues, this podcast will help you achieve the goals for your firm’s growth. Weekly episodes keep this content fresh and relevant for accounting leaders and advisors.

11. Straight from the CPA’s Mouth

New episodes of this podcast are dropped every two weeks and contain excellent advice from a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant. Though some of the material is specific to Canadian taxes, much of the accounting information is applicable to firms in the United States as well. This podcast addresses a very broad range of topics and interviews people both in the industry and also in the educational side of the field.

12. Future Firm Accounting Podcast

The Future Firm Accounting focuses on the role of technology in an accounting firm. For larger firms, the podcasts discuss why having a Head of Technology might keep you ahead of your competitors and for smaller firms. They also discuss why regularly evaluating your firm’s technology is key to successfully growing your firm. Most episodes are a manageable 6-8 minutes in length.

13. Pulse of the Practice

Will Hill and Paul Miller started their podcast to focus on the challenges faced specifically with accounting and tax practices. This podcast features a weekly episode that addresses a variety of topics including managing client interactions, building a firm culture, and setting yourself up for success. 

14. AICPA Town Hall

The AICPA is an authority in the accounting field. Their town hall style podcasts makes accounting topics approachable for accountants no matter what stage of your career you are in. The topics are hard-hitting and the podcasts tend to run about an hour. Make sure you have the time for these episodes. The podcasts feature a rotating crew of well-respected CPAs, successful entrepreneurs, and innovators.

15. WallStreet Journal Your Money Briefing

This one ventures a little away from the other accounting podcasts on this list, however it’s important to know which topics are on your clients’ minds. The WallStreet Journal’s Your Money Briefing includes current event topics such as student loan repayment and retirement contributions. While not specifically created with accountants in mind, these are topics that are regularly brought up in client meetings and can help you develop insights to guide your clients.

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